Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2011

Christmas Preparations in Pippi´s Cottage

Hopefully you all are enjoying these beautiful times! Real life keeps me quite busy these days so I thought I should  use this moment and make a post. I got some lovely gifts from Gillian (MakeItSmall), Lena (Miniatyrmama) and Rena (Tinydreams). Maybe you can spot them here or there but I´ll make
an extra picture with them later. Thank you girls!!!
And I already spent my Christmas money on some lovely minis :-)))
Some impressions from Pippi´s Cottage:
Some Christmas bakery has already been done and the Little Uncle was kind of a big help for Pippi. He´s very talented in making Oats Horseshoe Biscuits.
More delights are already bought....who wants to make that in the hectic of Christmas day??
And of course the are the Christmas decorations....(Danke, Rena!)
And my latest buys..the cutest crocheted Santa and Snowman are from Minimami
and the amazing egg warmer with the Christmas tree arrived yesterday
from Rosanna! 
I felt really brave when I painted this cupboard pink but now I really like it this way.
Thanks to you people out there, it is so much fun and inspiration  with you!!!

I wish you all a very happy Christmas time and a healthy and lucky 2012!
Hugs, Sandra

Mittwoch, 30. November 2011


Catherine and her two girls are spending some time with Pippi. The girls love Pippi and they are having a
whole lot of fun there. This morning they went to the market early and Pippi took the little girls to the playground while Catherine wanted to return home and get some sleep. She just started unpacking when
it knocked on the door...it was GEORGE!!!
How nice.....how charming....you can surely imagine how happy Catherine felt! And George even brought some gifts!.... The cutest little bear for baby Charlotte and and the lovely orchid she had admired so much
quite some time ago. (Did not buy the flower then as George refused to carry this home.) Catherine was
really touched that HE remembered...but then something went completely wrong...that was when Cat opened the last parcels...


Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

And the winners are......

Just a short post to announce the winners of my first giveaway.
I want to say "Thank you!" to all of you for visiting my blog, joining and
leaving so nice and encouraging comments! 
So, here we have Fortuna´s little helpers Tom and Jenny....
...this was also a very exciting moment for me!
Now, the winners are:
The peonies are going to FabShabbyRoses and
the kitchen set  is going to Spain to
Isabel! I really hope that you are going to like them!
Ladies, would you please email me your addresses?

Then, I would like to ask my followers #100 Synnove and
#150Doortje to also send me their addresses :-))

That´s all for today, my kids want to have dinner!
Hugs, Sandra

Samstag, 19. November 2011

WELCOME ....Drama on Place Pigalle!

Hello again!
So many new followers - WOW! Thanks for spending your time here!
If you haven´t done it so far, please join my giveaway until the 
As you can see I made some new flowers, this time with kits again
from Pascale Garnier: pink and white peonies and a poinsettia.
I really love how the peonies turned out and here are my first
Christmas decorations:
A little wreath for Pippi´s cottage....and No! The door doesn´t need
new color, that´s Shabby Chic, lol!
Here´s the glitter-decorated poinsettia with a skater.
But besides this ordinary things a little drama happened in
Catherine´s (yow! she finally has a name!) house::
She´s got another baby girl! Still nameless, but well: I will need
a little girl´s room with a cradle soon. Catherine has been hoping
that the baby´s daddy would decide to live with them. But he is not
the  family-type of a man and rather wanted to stay in Como...
So, she only could put a photograph next to baby´s bed. So sad.

I´ve been trying to make a little girl from fimo, but it´s always boys-heads that
are coming out :-( 
In the meanwhile: do you have suggestions for french first names for Catherine´s two
girls? (And "No! I do not think that "Georgina" sounds french!")

Have a good time!
Hugs, Sandra

Mittwoch, 2. November 2011

My Swap with Cora

It´s such a beautiful and shiny day, so I took the opportunity and used the good light for some mini pictures.
Recently I made a little "Eiffeltower-Swap" with Cora. Unfortunately she doesn´t have a website, we met in
our online mini forum. I made her some peonies in a basket, a pink lantern and gave her also such a little Eiffeltower like the one in my giveaway. And this is what I got in return :-)
A beautiful bucket with roses, a cute little picture with a checkered frame, a little pic from Eiffel-Tower,....
...an enamel sign for my Ballerina´s house...(finally I know where she´s living, lol!), and.....
THE CUTEST SHOES THAT YOU CAN IMAGINE!!! They are just georgous and look so perfect in this room.  Vielen, vielen Dank, Cora!!!
I played around with the furniture and this is how it looks now. The wardrobe should be also white but  it is so beautifully made that I don´t wanna spoil it .
We are having a christmas-swap in our online club and I was (and still am!) quite nervous about making the right little things. Can´t show you now but I´ve been playing around with Fimo also and this is my first
selfmade doll. His name is Pfefferminz ("Peppermint") and he´s one of Santa´s little helpers.

Okay, he still needs some clothes....and I´m in the need of a really good idea: can´t sew, crochet or knit. What a challenge, lol!
Greetings from sunny Germany!

Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011

Thank you, Marlies!!!

This week there wasn´t lots of time making minis, as the time I had I was stalking other peoples blogs...WELCOME NEW FOLLOWERS!
This would be the right time for greeting you with a beautiful bunch of flowers, instead of that you can enjoy this eye-candy of beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul lingerie. And I´m spoiled again :-)
The left set is the one I bought from  Marlies , the right set is a present from her because I mentioned my birthday!!! How cool is that!!? And it´s not "only" the receiving of an unexpected gift, these dessous are just perfectly made:
 You can even close and open it with these minute hooks!

Thank you Malies, this is my favourite B-day gift!

And this is where it ended up:
This is the bedroom of my single-mom ballerina :-)
She´s not so tidy and needs quite some time to make a decision what she´s going to wear while a lot of clothes end up on the floor or thrown over furniture. Playing around with my minis this morning I painted and glued these empty frames on the wall. If I should ever want to remove them I will have to get new wallpapers... Now, this is the "silent edge" of the room where you can read a good book....
...put on some candles and of course you can also have a glass of water.
I don´t have a wardrobe yet, so some of the dessous are spilling out of the chest.
There is a nightgown draped on the bed, it is made by Mia and long time I simply refused to treat it with hairspray as it´s also so beautifully made. But it looks really nice on Gilian´s quilt. I´m not sure if I will leave the bed on that place but I will decide that when I have all the furniture for this room.

Today is going to be a quite sunny day and I hope you can also enjoy some sunshine wherever you are!
Hugs, Sandra

Samstag, 15. Oktober 2011

My first Giveaway!

Time seems to be passing by like nothing but finally I could finish my first giveaway. Well, this is what you can win:
I made a little shabby lantern, painted a little Eiffel-Tower and made this shabby basket with some pink peonies. Yes, this doesn´t fit to this season (anyhow not here in this part of the world), but 
there will be springtime again :-)

To win this, all you have to do is:
- be follower of this blog
- leave A KIND comment on this post
It would be nice if you would write about this giveaway on your blog but this is not
neccessary to win.
This giveaway end on November 22nd, this is my best friends birthday.
I will put all your names in a basket and Jenny is going to draw one name.

Well, I am the lucky mom of two kids, so -as a matter of keeping the family´s peace-
this is the second part, who´s winner Tom is going to draw:

My more "autumn-themed" minis: a kitchen rack filled with some stuff. (I got the idea from
Marlies, there you can also see how really talented people can make such a shelf :-) )
Then I painted a little piece of wood with some pears, I made a little basket with fruits and decorated 
the containers with decals.
That´s all, really hope you like it!
Good luck!

Mittwoch, 21. September 2011


Hello again!
Unexpected gifts are often the best: I was the lucky winner of
Rosanna´s Giveaway!
Something for an artist and now owned by a job-less, single-mom
Ballerina who´s living in my other house:
An easel with provence paintings, canvas, sketch books, a mug
with pencils and a box with oil-painting tubes.
Isn´t it incredible how neatly the box with the tubes fits into
my drawer!??
If you want to know how these are made, Rosanna just made a
tutorial on her blog!
I´m sorry, it´s so cloudy here all day so that I couldn´t get
better pictures and they don´t do Rosanna´s minis justice!
How boring was this room before your minis arrived, Rosanna!
Thank you so much!!!

Lately I´m working more than usual, so my hobby-time is quite limited, but
I´ve  also started to work on my first giveaway. That will be my next post and I really 
hope to be ready with my giveaways soon :-)

Have a good time!
Sandra xxx

Dienstag, 30. August 2011

Welcome .... and a link :-)


First of all I want to say "Welcome!" to my new followers!  I should have done this much earlier as now it would take quite a while to mention you all separately together with your blogs. And what blogs you have!!! So now just a Thank-you!, you´re making me proud!

This now is the link I wanted to share:Joann is making a lot of projects and shares so much of her ideas. Recently there´s a potting table and she´s also sharing her printies and such.
Have a look!

And this is what I could finish the last days. (And I feel like a little hero about that, as for the Ranuncula I had to glue about 300 leaves!). The red ones are a kit from Pascale Garnier. The Bluebells and the Echeviera come from Georgie Steeds, like the peonies in my last post.
That´s all for today, have a fine week!

Sonntag, 21. August 2011

Miranda´s Magical Seedlings...

"Let the inspiration flow...", that´s what I did this week. I having a break from Pippi´s house and now I´m filling the "penthouse" of one of my other houses instead.
This is the home of Miranda, a witch who is found of making all kinds of charmed seedlings, like mandrakes, talking potato-heads and so on.
The peonies above are made from a kit from Georgie Steeds (The miniature garden center). I was not sure if I should show you as I got aware that she´s amongst my followers now. :-) These kits are quite easy and quick to assembly and I got better with every flower. So, this is why I´m not showing you the burgundy peony which I made first but this white one.
This is how Miranda´s working room looks now. I wanted very soft colours for it. The floor is not going to stay that way, I want a sandstone floor made like the brick fassade of Pippi´s house. Also, I want to make a brick stove with a little dragon sleeping in the ashes.
I made a whole lot of pumpkins, mushrooms, monster-bottles and plants with faces.
And you can see my first attempts with wickering. I´ll have to give you the link for the blog
where I found this tutorial!
The little needle felted owl is from Suskita(Suskita).  In her shop I also found the inspiration for this hungry geranium plant:
So, you see that I was having fun this week! The weather is finally fine and really HOT, my husband´s off from work and we´re enjoying making trips with the kids. This last picture was taken last week when we were visiting the zoo in Munich. I´m sharing it because my fullsize mini Jenny is having her 
3rd Birthday tomorrow. She´s a little devil, but I´m sooo proud!
Have a good week!!!

Dienstag, 9. August 2011


When I saw this bikini and beach bag set in Caterina´s blog it was "Love at first sight" to me. After my comment on it, Caterina kindly informed me that she was going to sell a copy in her etsy shop "Le Minis di Cockerina". Well,
now it´s mine" :))
I also ordered a "favourite" of my little daughter: Spaghetti:
Pasta, tomatoes and my free rag (what´s the word for this??), isn´t it a beautiful addition to Pippi´s kitchen?

My real life kept me quite busy the last weeks. Jenny got the hot iron on her foot about three weeks ago and Tom had to be operated last Wednesday.
So I was a lot of time spending at the kid´s doctors but now we can enjoy the rest of summer and the holidays.
Speaking about "summer"...again it´s raining cats and dogs and it´s already quite fresh in the nights, doesn´t "feel" like summer at all. So, that was probably my inspiration for making these...
Pumpkins...mushrooms and lanterns. Maybe I can use them for a little Halloween scene with The Very Shabby Eddy? Anyhow: I enjoyed making them as they are EASY =) and I really like the colours.
The little blackbird is from Georgina Marfels... Happy Halloween, harhar!

Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

Sorry, Gill....!

... Actually I am supposed to get Gill´s package ready, but instead of that I made this little kitchen 
shelf from cardboard last night. I hope I can make some more furniture for the kitchen that way!