Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Do you know snail-aways???

Aaaah...the weather here is so ugly, cold and rainy...the football EM has begun...

I made a break from my mouse house as coloring the outside is so boring , and made some items for my witch Miranda, who is very thankful for that! So I took out my paints and gave some barewood pieces a little bit of color. I used my arcylics very thin and for aging and the wood-look parts "Alles Patina" in walnut from Rayher. It was the first time I used this and I really liked it and will keep my eyes up for other wood-types :-)

Here´s Miranda, still captured in a frog´s body :-(  Don´t mind the snail on her book, we seem to have a little snail-problem here lately, which has to do with Miranda´s new breeding of the snail-away-plant:

While the first generation of the plants was really successfull in chasing away snails, the second generation is doing the contrary and magically attracting all kinds of snails! Nobody expected that and it took a while until we found out why we have snails everywhere. But don´t worry: Miranda never throws a plant away, we gave it to the neighbour :-))))))

The plants that were not eaten by the snail are growing very well and so Miranda had some time to get hand on some Fairy-dust-pumpkins. I saw similar ones on etsy but thought them to be too expensive and so I told Miranda and she kindly solved the problem.

It is not easy to get these pumpkins, you know? You have to make a fairy spread all of her fairy dust over the pumpkin patch. No decent fairy would do that voluntarily, of course. So, you must find a way to make her drunk. I do not know how Miranda made it, but I now own a nice collection of wonderful golden pumpkins :-))))

To show her my appreciation I created a logo for her shop (with the help of the Graphics Fairy) and made her bright blue wheelbarrow a bit more stylish :-)))

We are quite a good team, Miranda and me....

Thanks to you all for your lovely comments on my last post! 
To those of you who enjoy football I wish you an exciting EM and to the rest:
Have a wonderful week!

Hugs, Sandra

Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

How can it be that it´s already June????

Time is flying and as usual I´m constantly running behind it :-) Next weekend one of my mini online club´s friend will visit me and now I´m getting paniced because I have nothing "ready" to show her!  Now the mouse house at least got a coat of foam to create the tree´s bark and there is also another mouse:

This is Mimmi, Jenny´s little sister. They are orphans as their parents were eaten by Fluffy-the-cat :-(

Mimmi is wearing another of Thea´s great dresses and of course she also has a little toy mouse....

...and she loves cherry cake!
I guess that there will be some more, little mouses in this house :-)

Then, there are two Birthdays I did not post about yet. First one was Patty from Mini Babies. I´ve been thinking hard about what I could make that she doesn´t have yet. The answer was:


... and the "owner" of the chick.  I had a living model for the dog, it´s Spike, my bosses dog. He is always hungry and it was quite easy to make him pose this way as my colleague was standing in front of him with his lunch bread in his hands :-) Patty, I hope you like him!

Last monday was Drora´s Birthday. The idea for her gift came from Vicky Lovejoy, who was so kind to allow my to copy her idea.  Happy Belated Birthday, Dora!

The giveaway that I´m planning will probably something similar, so I hope you like it :-))))

Last but not least I want to say "Thank you!!!" to Ines who gave me this award:

Go over and have a look, she has such a lovely blog!

Have a wonderful weekend!