Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

Happy Together!

So much time has passed since my last post! Now I really hope that you enjoyed a very happy Christmas and wish you a Happy 2013!  The last year seems to have been a difficult year for many of us so I hope that 2013 will have a lot of positive surprises for us!

Quite a while ago, actually in the night of Helloween, it was finally time for cutting the mandrakes for a very special beer. Our houseelf Albert is a bit soft-hearted, so for this special job we had to organize the help of another elf, Alfie. 

Yeah, and Alfie didn´t hesitate and made a quick job....and the mandrakes soon were cut in little bits and came into a bottle, along with some spices and other, secret ingredients (Better, you Muggles don´t know too much of it!)...after that the bottle was corked and had to thicken over some weeks.

Albert was sooooo glad! But also worried: would it work? Could Miranda finally be human again????
Last night was THE night. Time to find out....

She is back :-)

Still, Miranda needs some time to recover from her long existence as an owl...and the urgent desire to eat some mice....

...but Albert and Miranda, they are soooo happy together!

Have a happy week!