Samstag, 13. Oktober 2012

Birthday gifts :-)


This year I am taking part of Kaisa´s Birthday Swap and this time it was me who had the fun to open lovely gifts of lovely ladies :-))

Thank you, Ladies, you´ve spoiled me rotten!

I am still waiting for the last three, so my birthday celebrations will last a little bit longer.
Above you can see Kaisa´s gift, a wonderful coathanger with a bunch of Lavender and a wonderful and romantic dress. As you can see it already ended up in my sewing room. The heart hanger is from Gill.

This is also from Gill. A collection from her wonderful work. Made with love and as you can see
even the packaging is a gift :-)  Gill has also sent me some lovelies for my sewing room but I unfortunately cannot show you, my camera refused to work at this point. And  "Sorry, no! I did not wait until my B-day to open it!".... and I can tell you, my little kids were really horrified by their nasty mum!

Rosella sent me some of her wonderful and tiny stitching and crocheting along with an umbrella which will be perfect for my beach-house-project :-)

Drora sent me so many wonderful things! I love the water spender - you can put the lights on!!!
And I think this vase is one of Drora´s own pottery work! These flowers will be perfect for Pippi! You cannot see on this pic but there are the tiniest sea shells inside the sea shell box. And it is wonderful to know that they come from the sea of Galilea. 

This is Simona´s gift. A baby album with baby bottle, handmade plates and findings to get creative :-)

From Teresa I got the cutest toadstools in a glass with a snail and a butterfly. Then a roof tile that is decorated with a fairy scene and two cushions with kitten. Teresa also was so kind to send me a little gift for Jenny. I will show you later, Mademoiselle had not enough time for posing today, but a BIG
"Thank you, Teresa!" from Jenny!

These carpet slippers for his and her are from Fabiola :-) So romantic with the "Love" stitching on the towel. Makes me thinking of a honeymoon scene!

Karin´s gift consisted of some romantic items like the wonderful bowl on an iron stand and a rose-shaped candle holder, sweets (I got gummibears, too!!!) and withy stuff :-))))
My little witch Emily (she´s from Julie Campbell) and Karin´s skeleton instantly had to try some of these yummy yummy eyeball cocktails....

Oooops....obviously there´s quite some alcohol in there, too :-)))

Karin, auch an Dich ein grosses Danke von Jenny! 

Thanks to all of you!!!

Jennifer asked me about fabric printing after my last post. I am not an expert, but if my camera decides to work again I will make a few pics and will post about it next time. 

Hugs, Sandra

Freitag, 5. Oktober 2012

My Pippi

Hi there!

Skiddi, a miniature friend and I are big fans of Pippi Longstocking, so we decided to make a Pippi scenery for Christmas. Here is my Pippi (I know she doesn´t look at all like the wonderful Inger Nielson from the Pippi movies - but I really like how she turned out). Made of Fimo clay and a body from pipe cleaners.

I was very lucky because Skiddi found a picture of this apron somewhere in the net. I only had to print it out on fabric, folded in the fabric´s edges with glue, sewed the pockets on and it was ready :-) As printing on an old hanky fabric worked so well I also printed a digital scrapbooking background on the fabric to use for the  blouse. 

The little rug is a picture from a real quilt I found on pinterest. Not everything works so easy...unfortunately this starving cat was acutally supposed to be a pug dog, lol :O)

Pippi now needs her monkey...wonder with which species I will be ending up when I am ready with it :-)
Hope you like my little doll!

There are some other things I want to show you but it is difficult to find time for blogging. Hopefully this is getting easier in a few weeks.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs, Sandra