Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

Maggie Applewhite

Hello Bloggers!

Thanks to all of you who have been wondering if I am doing well because of my long absence! I´m fine, real life just keeps me quite busy. Two weeks ago we spent a week vacation on the Lago di Garda and we had a wonderful time there energy is back!

This weekend I´ve been playing around with my witches shop "Miranda´s Magical Seedlings". I paper-backed the shelf for the potions, finally made a broom...

..which is an absolute MUST HAVE for every decent witch, played around with the furniture...

...and  bits and pieces...

...and made Whoo-Hoo-Apples (very delicious in witchy apple pies AND 100% organic!).. be more attractive for our magical customers. Here´s the first buyer, dear witch 
Maggie Applewhite who lives in the neighborhood.

Don´t worry, she is a really good witch. Most of the time :D
I am so happy how she turned out (more "alive" than my other dolls), although she was really, really ugly until the moment she had her hair and hat on and I almost threw her away :-)

But now I also want to introduce you to someone else:


This little miniature is going to live with us in a few weeks :-))))))
Isn´t he CUTE!!!?

Bye for now,