Samstag, 13. Oktober 2012

Birthday gifts :-)


This year I am taking part of Kaisa´s Birthday Swap and this time it was me who had the fun to open lovely gifts of lovely ladies :-))

Thank you, Ladies, you´ve spoiled me rotten!

I am still waiting for the last three, so my birthday celebrations will last a little bit longer.
Above you can see Kaisa´s gift, a wonderful coathanger with a bunch of Lavender and a wonderful and romantic dress. As you can see it already ended up in my sewing room. The heart hanger is from Gill.

This is also from Gill. A collection from her wonderful work. Made with love and as you can see
even the packaging is a gift :-)  Gill has also sent me some lovelies for my sewing room but I unfortunately cannot show you, my camera refused to work at this point. And  "Sorry, no! I did not wait until my B-day to open it!".... and I can tell you, my little kids were really horrified by their nasty mum!

Rosella sent me some of her wonderful and tiny stitching and crocheting along with an umbrella which will be perfect for my beach-house-project :-)

Drora sent me so many wonderful things! I love the water spender - you can put the lights on!!!
And I think this vase is one of Drora´s own pottery work! These flowers will be perfect for Pippi! You cannot see on this pic but there are the tiniest sea shells inside the sea shell box. And it is wonderful to know that they come from the sea of Galilea. 

This is Simona´s gift. A baby album with baby bottle, handmade plates and findings to get creative :-)

From Teresa I got the cutest toadstools in a glass with a snail and a butterfly. Then a roof tile that is decorated with a fairy scene and two cushions with kitten. Teresa also was so kind to send me a little gift for Jenny. I will show you later, Mademoiselle had not enough time for posing today, but a BIG
"Thank you, Teresa!" from Jenny!

These carpet slippers for his and her are from Fabiola :-) So romantic with the "Love" stitching on the towel. Makes me thinking of a honeymoon scene!

Karin´s gift consisted of some romantic items like the wonderful bowl on an iron stand and a rose-shaped candle holder, sweets (I got gummibears, too!!!) and withy stuff :-))))
My little witch Emily (she´s from Julie Campbell) and Karin´s skeleton instantly had to try some of these yummy yummy eyeball cocktails....

Oooops....obviously there´s quite some alcohol in there, too :-)))

Karin, auch an Dich ein grosses Danke von Jenny! 

Thanks to all of you!!!

Jennifer asked me about fabric printing after my last post. I am not an expert, but if my camera decides to work again I will make a few pics and will post about it next time. 

Hugs, Sandra

Freitag, 5. Oktober 2012

My Pippi

Hi there!

Skiddi, a miniature friend and I are big fans of Pippi Longstocking, so we decided to make a Pippi scenery for Christmas. Here is my Pippi (I know she doesn´t look at all like the wonderful Inger Nielson from the Pippi movies - but I really like how she turned out). Made of Fimo clay and a body from pipe cleaners.

I was very lucky because Skiddi found a picture of this apron somewhere in the net. I only had to print it out on fabric, folded in the fabric´s edges with glue, sewed the pockets on and it was ready :-) As printing on an old hanky fabric worked so well I also printed a digital scrapbooking background on the fabric to use for the  blouse. 

The little rug is a picture from a real quilt I found on pinterest. Not everything works so easy...unfortunately this starving cat was acutally supposed to be a pug dog, lol :O)

Pippi now needs her monkey...wonder with which species I will be ending up when I am ready with it :-)
Hope you like my little doll!

There are some other things I want to show you but it is difficult to find time for blogging. Hopefully this is getting easier in a few weeks.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs, Sandra

Sonntag, 16. September 2012

Shabby chic

Hello Bloggers!

Thank you for your encouraging words on my little mermaid! I still don´t know what to do with her, a beach scene would be so much fun to make but I guess it would be cool to have an underwater part with corals, too and a little beach hut and all of this without using a lot of space, haha. Brigitte from my online club already sent me some beautiful seeshells and corals which she had collected once in Thailand. So I guess I will collect beach things and ideas and maybe I will have the right day, lol!

In the meanwhile I am spending lots of time at pinterest and I got hooked by pictures from old windows displayed in gardens. Can´t have that in my real garden, but in mini :0)

It´s made of cardboard (the one kind you get for your glasses as coasters) and a plastic sheet from a film.
I also brushed some Tacky glue on it to further age it.

The little table is made from paper and wire and little mosaic tiles I have here for ages. 

The hydrangeas is another kit of Pascale Garniers faded hydrangeas. I love the faded colors!

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Hugs, Sandra

Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

Sweet dreams

Real life is keeping me busy and it seems hard to find time for blogging. 
I´m playing around with clay, trying this and that in the purpose to make my witch
Miranda. But it´s always other characters that come out of my clay!
So, when this one turned out to look like a little child I decided to go on and try to make
a little mermaid, inspired by one I saw on Yuri Munakata´s blog. 

Of course Yuri´s is soooo much better, but I like my little mermaid nevertheless :-)


Montag, 30. Juli 2012

Sewing Room


While the little witch Emily is already on the journey from England to Bavaria and I am waiting for the postman to ring :-)...I thought I should better make something :-)
For quite a while now I had this beautiful Reutter sewing machine lying in my drawers. I could take some foamboard (I hope it´s the right word) from my work and made a little roombox.
It´s really small:

I will probably also put some lights in, until I know I will leave the ceiling open. I still need to
fill the shelfs with fabrics, haberdashery stuff and boxes. So here just some pics:

Hope you´ll like it!

Wooden wall signs are from Lena
Sewing box by my friend Skiddi
Mug and notes book from Rosanna
Hector the cat is from Bridget McCarty

Next post will hopefully be a witchy one :-))))

Hugs, Sandra

Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012

Do you remember?

Hello Muggles :-)

This is just a short note as Albert-the-elf claimed that I should show this to my "muggle friends out there".  Do you remember how fairy pumpkins are made? Miranda makes a fairy drunken and then she trys to  make her crash into her pumpkin patch where the fairy hopefully is going to loose her fairy dust. Well, this morning when the new pumpkins were cut from the patch, Albert realized that the fairy still was sleeping there - completely drunken. 
So, as there are quite some hungry cats out there they decided to bring her into the shop until she is in a decent state of mind again. Can you see her?

Well, let us not disturb her, Albert just wanted to give you the opportunity to see a fairy. Muggles ususally cannot see them as they are flying too fast. 
In this chest you can see a new invention from Miranda: Spells-to-go. These are well prepared scrolls of parchment completely with a wand. Very innovative, indeed. If you are not amongst those who are blessed with the green thumb and your plants die long before their time this is just the right thing for you!
The scroll only consists of ONE charm, as the wand is only capable to perform this one kind of magic, but it´s so EASY! 

At the moment we have scrolls for Automatic-Watering, Greenfly-Ex and Rapid-Grow. More are to come.
(Unfortunately Miranda hat to get rid of "Colorful-Magic-Mushroom-Meadows" : the mushrooms started to creep out of the parchment and started to grow EVERYWHERE)

Albert feels very comfy with Miranda and working in the shop. And he is happy because soon he will get a helper, too. Miranda´s little niece is going to come and stay with them!
Have a wonderful week (with the right weather!),
Hugs, Sandra and Albert

Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

Albert - the house-elf


It was late last night and veeeerrrrrry early this morning, but now here is
I guess he came to Miranda with her last tour to Highgrove. Albert LOVES flowers and plants, but
these Muggle flowers were a bit boring to him and he really did not like to jump and hide behind bushes whenever a muggle tourist came his way.
Miranda´s shop is quite small so she still has to find a small place for him to sleep - maybe under the potting table????
Albert´s hands are quite ugly. So instead of a pot full of snails he will get a pot full of hanging ivy :-)

Have a wonderful week!

Freitag, 13. Juli 2012

Witchy Stuff

Hello there!

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post, you really made my day!
Well, I had quite some problems finding time for making minis but I wasn´t lazy :-)

There was a sale out in one of our few German dollhouse shops and I just could not resist and had to buy this little shop for my witch Miranda. I have a complete house for her to decorate but I put it away until I find more time for it. So, this is the exterior: so far I only made one brick wall, cut the window in and painted everything white.

This is the other side of the window. I like the darkness inside :-))) But it is great for taking pictures as there is also a glass plate on the top of the roombox to play with the lights.

Now, of course I must fill Miranda´s  shop. I found this boxes when I googled "snail pellets". I think it is a real-life product, but for me the design looks as if it was comming directly from a Harry Potter movie and yes, I had to make some more snails! (I find that very relaxing!)

What you should know is that these are magical snails! The more snail pellets they get the more they´ll breed! So, if you want to get rid of them, try to bring them somewhere where no kinds of poisons or pellets are used against snails. The population will be normal after two or three generations....says Miranda. (Her last 1000 snails were brought to Highgrove gardens!)

I have started with cutting and painting the floors, but I´m not ready yet. This is how it looks with the floor boards (not glued in yet):

There is still a lot of space to fill but as you can see there is also some improvement with
Miranda´s physical condition! Yey!!! She recently had a sandwich with flies and some small cut pieces of Mandrake (a clever idea from her niece) and could transform from a frog into an owl. Muuuuuuch better! 

Maybe..somewhere in her books there might be a cure for her???

Never give up!
Hugs, Sandra 

Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Do you know snail-aways???

Aaaah...the weather here is so ugly, cold and rainy...the football EM has begun...

I made a break from my mouse house as coloring the outside is so boring , and made some items for my witch Miranda, who is very thankful for that! So I took out my paints and gave some barewood pieces a little bit of color. I used my arcylics very thin and for aging and the wood-look parts "Alles Patina" in walnut from Rayher. It was the first time I used this and I really liked it and will keep my eyes up for other wood-types :-)

Here´s Miranda, still captured in a frog´s body :-(  Don´t mind the snail on her book, we seem to have a little snail-problem here lately, which has to do with Miranda´s new breeding of the snail-away-plant:

While the first generation of the plants was really successfull in chasing away snails, the second generation is doing the contrary and magically attracting all kinds of snails! Nobody expected that and it took a while until we found out why we have snails everywhere. But don´t worry: Miranda never throws a plant away, we gave it to the neighbour :-))))))

The plants that were not eaten by the snail are growing very well and so Miranda had some time to get hand on some Fairy-dust-pumpkins. I saw similar ones on etsy but thought them to be too expensive and so I told Miranda and she kindly solved the problem.

It is not easy to get these pumpkins, you know? You have to make a fairy spread all of her fairy dust over the pumpkin patch. No decent fairy would do that voluntarily, of course. So, you must find a way to make her drunk. I do not know how Miranda made it, but I now own a nice collection of wonderful golden pumpkins :-))))

To show her my appreciation I created a logo for her shop (with the help of the Graphics Fairy) and made her bright blue wheelbarrow a bit more stylish :-)))

We are quite a good team, Miranda and me....

Thanks to you all for your lovely comments on my last post! 
To those of you who enjoy football I wish you an exciting EM and to the rest:
Have a wonderful week!

Hugs, Sandra

Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

How can it be that it´s already June????

Time is flying and as usual I´m constantly running behind it :-) Next weekend one of my mini online club´s friend will visit me and now I´m getting paniced because I have nothing "ready" to show her!  Now the mouse house at least got a coat of foam to create the tree´s bark and there is also another mouse:

This is Mimmi, Jenny´s little sister. They are orphans as their parents were eaten by Fluffy-the-cat :-(

Mimmi is wearing another of Thea´s great dresses and of course she also has a little toy mouse....

...and she loves cherry cake!
I guess that there will be some more, little mouses in this house :-)

Then, there are two Birthdays I did not post about yet. First one was Patty from Mini Babies. I´ve been thinking hard about what I could make that she doesn´t have yet. The answer was:


... and the "owner" of the chick.  I had a living model for the dog, it´s Spike, my bosses dog. He is always hungry and it was quite easy to make him pose this way as my colleague was standing in front of him with his lunch bread in his hands :-) Patty, I hope you like him!

Last monday was Drora´s Birthday. The idea for her gift came from Vicky Lovejoy, who was so kind to allow my to copy her idea.  Happy Belated Birthday, Dora!

The giveaway that I´m planning will probably something similar, so I hope you like it :-))))

Last but not least I want to say "Thank you!!!" to Ines who gave me this award:

Go over and have a look, she has such a lovely blog!

Have a wonderful weekend!