Freitag, 13. Juli 2012

Witchy Stuff

Hello there!

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post, you really made my day!
Well, I had quite some problems finding time for making minis but I wasn´t lazy :-)

There was a sale out in one of our few German dollhouse shops and I just could not resist and had to buy this little shop for my witch Miranda. I have a complete house for her to decorate but I put it away until I find more time for it. So, this is the exterior: so far I only made one brick wall, cut the window in and painted everything white.

This is the other side of the window. I like the darkness inside :-))) But it is great for taking pictures as there is also a glass plate on the top of the roombox to play with the lights.

Now, of course I must fill Miranda´s  shop. I found this boxes when I googled "snail pellets". I think it is a real-life product, but for me the design looks as if it was comming directly from a Harry Potter movie and yes, I had to make some more snails! (I find that very relaxing!)

What you should know is that these are magical snails! The more snail pellets they get the more they´ll breed! So, if you want to get rid of them, try to bring them somewhere where no kinds of poisons or pellets are used against snails. The population will be normal after two or three generations....says Miranda. (Her last 1000 snails were brought to Highgrove gardens!)

I have started with cutting and painting the floors, but I´m not ready yet. This is how it looks with the floor boards (not glued in yet):

There is still a lot of space to fill but as you can see there is also some improvement with
Miranda´s physical condition! Yey!!! She recently had a sandwich with flies and some small cut pieces of Mandrake (a clever idea from her niece) and could transform from a frog into an owl. Muuuuuuch better! 

Maybe..somewhere in her books there might be a cure for her???

Never give up!
Hugs, Sandra 


  1. Caio! Piacere di conoscerti! Le tue miniature sono bellissime! Mi piace tantissimo il libro! Bravissima! Ti seguo con piacere!
    Vieni a trovarmi se ti va! ..
    Sei invitata al mio primo give away!
    Un bacio

  2. This looks fantastic, Sandra! How did you do so much in so little time? I love Miranda as an owl--owls are favorites of mine, although frogs are too. That slug bait is a real product. I'm glad these are magical snails, so no one is getting hurt (they're too precious!). xo Jennifer

  3. I love love your witchy stuff. Your shop is fantastic the inside is perfect. Thank you so much for your gifts they are amazing and I love them. Tell your beautiful sweet daughter thanks I loved her little gift :)
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hi Maria! My beautiful sweet daughter will be very proud to hear that! And I am glad that you liked my gifts and I am looking forward to seeing your magic project one day :-)))
      Hugs, Sandra

  4. Esa tienda es muy hermosa, y todas las cosas de bruja

  5. Ich lache mich gerade schlapp - lass' mich raten: Schwarzwälder Puppenstube und unwiderstehliche 20 % Rabatt... richtig??? Aber wie auch immer - der Shop ist einfach fantastisch, unglaublich, was Du aus diesem Teil heraus geholt hast. Und die Geschichten rund um Deine Arbeit... einfach herrlich. Miranda macht sich gut in Eulengestalt!

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Birgit, Du liegst genau richtig :O) Ich MUSSTE da einfach zugreifen :-))))

  6. It's looking fabulous, I like the darkness.

  7. Hi Sandra! Your shop is great! Beautiful photos too.
    I do not love my (army of)snails in my real garden
    but I love your little ones.♥
    Hugs, piikko...
    surviving after the Football and prepairing to Olympics. ;-)

  8. Oh wow Sandra, Miranda's shop is perfect and you've done so many amazing things already!!! I love the owl and your snails are amazing, I like them a lot more than all the real ones in my garden :)
    You've created a fantastic atmosphere in the shop, it's so perfect for the witchy theme and It would look right at home in Diagon Alley :)
    vicky xxx

  9. Your witchy stuff is amazing!
    I like the hole shop.
    Bye Faby

  10. Deine Hexensachen sind super toll geworden! Du hat so viele tolle Mins in deinem Laden!!
    Liebe Grüße

  11. Wow Sandra, I love your shop! And your stories and everything everything :):)

  12. Your shop is fantastic and you have already done so much.
    Miranda stepped up. An owl, Wow!, Bigger than a frog. I hope she finds the cure soon. I love the snail stuff (Not in real life though).
    Hugs, Drora

  13. Oh Sandra, the snail cereal is just to die for. What a fantastic idea. You certainly have a flair for mini printies. A great project that is being filled beautifully and so imaginatively. I love it.
    Off to check out the paper you have recommended. Thank you.

  14. I think your projects are great and full of humour! LOVE the lighting in the picture 'the other side of the window', really great. I also wanted to react on your great tip about the clocks on my blog since you might not see my reaction otherwise: 'That's fantastic Sandra! I didn't have them yet and they are great! And without hands, wow (that saves a lot of work). Thanks so much for that tip, glad you're a clocklover too ;)'