Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

Sorry, Gill....!

... Actually I am supposed to get Gill´s package ready, but instead of that I made this little kitchen 
shelf from cardboard last night. I hope I can make some more furniture for the kitchen that way!


  1. Me gusta mucho el modelo y el color de la cocina, los detalles son muy realistas. Preciosa. Un saludo, Eva

  2. Your kitchen looks beautiful! The details are all very lovely! =)

  3. Eva and Lataina: Thanks for your compliments!!!
    Isn´t this an amazing hobby!?? So many things to experiment on and be creative.
    Lataina, do you have a blog, too? I wasn´t able to find one in your profile. Would be funny to "visit" your house, too..:)))

  4. Hello Sandra, thank you for your nice comment.
    I bought the little sheep by Shirley Scheibehenne,
    She make so many and beautiful animals.


  5. Thanks for the link, Heleni! Guess, I´m also going to have such a cute sheep! :))

  6. Hello Sandra! thanks for your kind comment on my bikini, with a straw bag! If you're still interested, I put a copy in my Etsy shop ...
    kisses, Caterina

  7. I'm sure Gill won't mind waiting - sometimes you just have to create according to your heart's desire. This little shelf is great, and I like the way you've styled it with accessories.

  8. Dear Sandra, I didn't mind waiting a bit! Your present arrived yesterday and I am feeling so lucky and happy. You made me so many beautiful things, I'm speechless...... Thank you so very much for your kindness and generosity. Gill xx