Dienstag, 9. August 2011


When I saw this bikini and beach bag set in Caterina´s blog it was "Love at first sight" to me. After my comment on it, Caterina kindly informed me that she was going to sell a copy in her etsy shop "Le Minis di Cockerina". Well,
now it´s mine" :))
I also ordered a "favourite" of my little daughter: Spaghetti:
Pasta, tomatoes and my free rag (what´s the word for this??), isn´t it a beautiful addition to Pippi´s kitchen?

My real life kept me quite busy the last weeks. Jenny got the hot iron on her foot about three weeks ago and Tom had to be operated last Wednesday.
So I was a lot of time spending at the kid´s doctors but now we can enjoy the rest of summer and the holidays.
Speaking about "summer"...again it´s raining cats and dogs and it´s already quite fresh in the nights, doesn´t "feel" like summer at all. So, that was probably my inspiration for making these...
Pumpkins...mushrooms and lanterns. Maybe I can use them for a little Halloween scene with The Very Shabby Eddy? Anyhow: I enjoyed making them as they are EASY =) and I really like the colours.
The little blackbird is from Georgina Marfels... Happy Halloween, harhar!


  1. heh heh! love at first sight, indeed! I am happy to see my "bikini and straw bag" in your home, and even "spaghetti and tomato sauce" .. You make the images, so good!
    what you call "free rag" is a quilted pot holder and serves as not to burn your hands with hot handles of the pot .. :)) I made it pink to match the colors of your kitchen .. I'm glad you like it!
    Thanks for these images, it is always so exciting to see my "creatures" around the world! :)))
    very nice boots, I have the same kind, blacks .. Now I know that they have to mess with earth .. brilliant idea! Thanks!
    Have a quiet summer, lucky you if you have fresh, here it is very hot and humid ...
    kisses, Caterina

  2. Ah, Caterina! POT HOLDER ... where was my mind, I didn´t find it in my dictionary but the translation would have been so easy =) And imagine, when I saw the POT HOLDER I thought, wow, as if it was made for this kitchen, lol!
    Enjoy your summer! (Here it´s raining AGAIN!)
    Hugs, Sandra

  3. I hope your summer weather improves. Having to stay indoors has meant you've had lots of mini-making time though, and now you're already prepared for halloween! ;)

    Caterina's little beach set is just great, the matching bow on the basket is the perfect finishing touch.

    I like that little blackbird too, does Georgina have a blog or an Etsy shop?

  4. Happy to hear you all are well again.I was operated yesterday, so I blog a little bit from the bed today. Wonderful pictures. Beautiful minis.
    It`s the same weather here in Norway.

  5. Love your images! I love your pink fridge too. I love your comment in my blog post, that crack me up! LOL

    Pei Li

  6. Hi Sandra!
    Your blog is lovely to read and as the others have said, your images are beautifully done with imagination. I love your little scenes. Gill x

  7. Hola Sandra! vengo del blog de Gill, de ver tus flores, tienes unos trabajos preciosos, te felicito, ya tienes una seguidora más.Besos desde España.

  8. Thanks for your nice comments! Georgia Marfels has a dawanda-shop called "fimofimo". The flowers are all made by kits from Pascale Garnier.
    I usually make a lot of pictures from my minis, as my kids happen to "play" with my dollhouses. Some minis just don´t survive their special treatment :-)

  9. Gute Besserung für Ihre Kinder. Heute habe ich ihren blog gefunden und es ist sehr schön.
    Minature greetings