Sonntag, 21. August 2011

Miranda´s Magical Seedlings...

"Let the inspiration flow...", that´s what I did this week. I having a break from Pippi´s house and now I´m filling the "penthouse" of one of my other houses instead.
This is the home of Miranda, a witch who is found of making all kinds of charmed seedlings, like mandrakes, talking potato-heads and so on.
The peonies above are made from a kit from Georgie Steeds (The miniature garden center). I was not sure if I should show you as I got aware that she´s amongst my followers now. :-) These kits are quite easy and quick to assembly and I got better with every flower. So, this is why I´m not showing you the burgundy peony which I made first but this white one.
This is how Miranda´s working room looks now. I wanted very soft colours for it. The floor is not going to stay that way, I want a sandstone floor made like the brick fassade of Pippi´s house. Also, I want to make a brick stove with a little dragon sleeping in the ashes.
I made a whole lot of pumpkins, mushrooms, monster-bottles and plants with faces.
And you can see my first attempts with wickering. I´ll have to give you the link for the blog
where I found this tutorial!
The little needle felted owl is from Suskita(Suskita).  In her shop I also found the inspiration for this hungry geranium plant:
So, you see that I was having fun this week! The weather is finally fine and really HOT, my husband´s off from work and we´re enjoying making trips with the kids. This last picture was taken last week when we were visiting the zoo in Munich. I´m sharing it because my fullsize mini Jenny is having her 
3rd Birthday tomorrow. She´s a little devil, but I´m sooo proud!
Have a good week!!!


  1. Amazing flowers,love the work!!!Miniregards.

  2. Son preciosas estas flores!!!!Besos.

  3. Your "little devil" is so sweet!
    I know! I have two sons, and when they have that look and smile at you, it's because they want to steal your soul .... :))) And us moms, we do everything quietly stealing, is not it??
    Many greetings to your puppy, and many many many kisses! Caterina
    PS: I love your room!

  4. Las peonias han quedado preciosas, también me ha impresionado esas raíces con caras, son estupendas.
    ¡Esos niños tiene que usar casco cuando viajen en moto!. Je,je.
    Un saludo, Eva

  5. Que peonias tan preciosas!!!
    Me encantan esas setas y las raices son muy simpaticas, enhorabuena
    besitos ascension

  6. I just know your blog... it is beautiful! Now I am a follower!

  7. Thanks to you all for your nice comments and following!!!!

  8. dear Sandra, thank you for visiting my blog, but most of all, thank you, to have dirty, your boots blacks. It was a great idea that has made ​​your scene very realistic!
    I took inspiration from your photos, in the previous post, and I am very satisfied with the result, then, thank you very much !!
    .... you're not angry, right? :))
    Kisses, Caterina

  9. Haha! Caterina, of course I´m not angry, I´m honoured if someone takes inspiration from my blog..and, to be honest, the dirty boots aren´t my idea :)

  10. What fun with your children! A belated birthday kiss for your sweet little 'devil'!
    You have been so busy with so many beautiful ideas, you're an inspiration, I love your blog,Gill x