Dienstag, 30. August 2011

Welcome .... and a link :-)


First of all I want to say "Welcome!" to my new followers!  I should have done this much earlier as now it would take quite a while to mention you all separately together with your blogs. And what blogs you have!!! So now just a Thank-you!, you´re making me proud!

This now is the link I wanted to share:Joann is making a lot of projects and shares so much of her ideas. Recently there´s a potting table and she´s also sharing her printies and such.
Have a look!

And this is what I could finish the last days. (And I feel like a little hero about that, as for the Ranuncula I had to glue about 300 leaves!). The red ones are a kit from Pascale Garnier. The Bluebells and the Echeviera come from Georgie Steeds, like the peonies in my last post.
That´s all for today, have a fine week!


  1. The flowers are really lovely. And thanks for the link to Joann's blog, it's great!

  2. What patience! 300 leaves are a lot of leaves! :D
    ... And the garden is beautiful!

  3. a fantastic and useful links, thank you very much!
    your flowers are beautiful, I love the blue, although I imagine it took a lot of patience:))
    would be perfect for my mountain home ... Thanks for showing it, good week for you!

  4. Your flowers look very beautiful. I wouldn't have patient for 300 leaves. Minigreetings from Finland
    my miniblog http://pumpuliinanminit.blogspot.com

  5. Un trabajo perfecto! Pegar más de 300 hojas no importa si el resultado es así de bonito. Un abrazo

  6. Hi Sandra, your parcel has gone- Keep an eye on the mailbox. See you soon Rosanna

  7. They are lovely your flowers, at first I was ondering if they were real flowers...

  8. Love this last picture, so beautiful ;)