Mittwoch, 21. September 2011


Hello again!
Unexpected gifts are often the best: I was the lucky winner of
Rosanna´s Giveaway!
Something for an artist and now owned by a job-less, single-mom
Ballerina who´s living in my other house:
An easel with provence paintings, canvas, sketch books, a mug
with pencils and a box with oil-painting tubes.
Isn´t it incredible how neatly the box with the tubes fits into
my drawer!??
If you want to know how these are made, Rosanna just made a
tutorial on her blog!
I´m sorry, it´s so cloudy here all day so that I couldn´t get
better pictures and they don´t do Rosanna´s minis justice!
How boring was this room before your minis arrived, Rosanna!
Thank you so much!!!

Lately I´m working more than usual, so my hobby-time is quite limited, but
I´ve  also started to work on my first giveaway. That will be my next post and I really 
hope to be ready with my giveaways soon :-)

Have a good time!
Sandra xxx


  1. Congratulations, Sandra! They really are great gifts! =)

  2. I am so happy that you found a place for them. They really fit into your room. Have fun, Rosanna

  3. Precioso!!!! Felicidades!!!Besos de las Malu´s.

  4. you're really a lucky girl! enjoy!
    xx Caterina

  5. Congratulations lucky girl. Rosanna's giveaway is fantastic and it found a well deserved home.

  6. Enhorabuena, un regalo muy bonito. Un saludo, Eva

  7. Congratulations for the gift! It is beautiful!

  8. Oh, lucky you! Congratulations, they were made for your drawer! Fantastic gift from Rosanna. Gill x

  9. Congratulations on a very beautiful work