Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011

Thank you, Marlies!!!

This week there wasn´t lots of time making minis, as the time I had I was stalking other peoples blogs...WELCOME NEW FOLLOWERS!
This would be the right time for greeting you with a beautiful bunch of flowers, instead of that you can enjoy this eye-candy of beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul lingerie. And I´m spoiled again :-)
The left set is the one I bought from  Marlies , the right set is a present from her because I mentioned my birthday!!! How cool is that!!? And it´s not "only" the receiving of an unexpected gift, these dessous are just perfectly made:
 You can even close and open it with these minute hooks!

Thank you Malies, this is my favourite B-day gift!

And this is where it ended up:
This is the bedroom of my single-mom ballerina :-)
She´s not so tidy and needs quite some time to make a decision what she´s going to wear while a lot of clothes end up on the floor or thrown over furniture. Playing around with my minis this morning I painted and glued these empty frames on the wall. If I should ever want to remove them I will have to get new wallpapers... Now, this is the "silent edge" of the room where you can read a good book....
...put on some candles and of course you can also have a glass of water.
I don´t have a wardrobe yet, so some of the dessous are spilling out of the chest.
There is a nightgown draped on the bed, it is made by Mia and long time I simply refused to treat it with hairspray as it´s also so beautifully made. But it looks really nice on Gilian´s quilt. I´m not sure if I will leave the bed on that place but I will decide that when I have all the furniture for this room.

Today is going to be a quite sunny day and I hope you can also enjoy some sunshine wherever you are!
Hugs, Sandra


  1. wonderful lingerie!! So real I love all details! And the bedroom are so elegant and cute! have a nice weekend!

  2. Kein Wunder, dass Du Dich gefreut hast, die Teile sind super gemacht - und passen perfekt in Deine schöne Szene.

    Liebe Grüße

  3. The lingerie is fantastic. She is very talented. Your bedroom is wonderful great details.
    Hugs Maria

  4. The bedroom is very nice and elegant.Fantastic lingerie!
    Bye Faby

  5. Marlie's lingerie is marvellous. The bedroom is very feminine and beautiful.

    A mini hug,

  6. It seems we have all shopped at Marlies! I received my third set this week! My friend loved them so much she shopped there too and got her first set this week. I just love Marlies lingerie! Thank you for showing my quilt again! Gill x

  7. Haha! No surprise so, that when I made the link to her etsy shop today it was completely empty :-)
    I´m dreaming of another set... a big sized one in "skin" colour for my witch...
    Gill, this surely wasn´t the last time you saw your quilt here!

  8. Happy birthday! The lingerie is fantastic! I can see why you love it. And your bedroom looks wonderful too.

  9. Hallo Sandra,
    Ich bin froh, dass du die BHset schön findest, und die Überraschung, Ich hoffe du hattest ein schönes Geburtstag.
    * marlies

  10. Hello Samira, Thank you for your nice comment :))
    I saw all the items on my table and was thinking about the value of everything....even though I have got some of it to a reduced friendly price because of mentioning them in the "Et Dukkehjem" (my closed down dollhouse magazine).... it's ALOT OF MONEY!!!
    But looking briefly at your latest post, I saw the chair, (and ofc. Marlies beautiful lingerie) and I nearly had a fit....of excitement!!!
    It's beautiful, can you tell me about it?
    Hugs Synnøve

  11. Thank you for your very nice mail, I need to answer mail wont send out!! I will be happy with what ever you might suggest, I am just happy to be a follower!!!
    Thank you for the chair info, I will look into some online shops and look for it :))
    Ps: mail will work next week in Stavanger, the city I am moving to, so I will send u a proper answer then!
    Hugs and thanks again :))

  12. Hi, my name is Eva and I have discovered just now your blog and your wonderful minis.
    Marie's lingerie is always amazing, so delicate ;)

  13. What a great blog! I love the style of your dollhouse. A late congratulation on your birthday,
    huge minihug