Samstag, 19. November 2011

WELCOME ....Drama on Place Pigalle!

Hello again!
So many new followers - WOW! Thanks for spending your time here!
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As you can see I made some new flowers, this time with kits again
from Pascale Garnier: pink and white peonies and a poinsettia.
I really love how the peonies turned out and here are my first
Christmas decorations:
A little wreath for Pippi´s cottage....and No! The door doesn´t need
new color, that´s Shabby Chic, lol!
Here´s the glitter-decorated poinsettia with a skater.
But besides this ordinary things a little drama happened in
Catherine´s (yow! she finally has a name!) house::
She´s got another baby girl! Still nameless, but well: I will need
a little girl´s room with a cradle soon. Catherine has been hoping
that the baby´s daddy would decide to live with them. But he is not
the  family-type of a man and rather wanted to stay in Como...
So, she only could put a photograph next to baby´s bed. So sad.

I´ve been trying to make a little girl from fimo, but it´s always boys-heads that
are coming out :-( 
In the meanwhile: do you have suggestions for french first names for Catherine´s two
girls? (And "No! I do not think that "Georgina" sounds french!")

Have a good time!
Hugs, Sandra


  1. Love the picture of the babys dad! Too funny!

  2. I like poinsettia with a skater.
    Bye Faby

  3. Las peonias son preciosas y eos detallitos Navideños estan genial.
    besitos ascension

  4. uh! I know that Dad .. a wonderful man, but it is also a real brat! I'm not surprised to know that he lives far from his family! :))
    a name for two French girls? I suggest Genevieve, and Charlotte ...
    I really like your flowers, and the wreath is beautiful!
    kisses and a lovely WE!!

  5. I love it! Thank you for the good laugh you gave me! I just love your blog! :-)

  6. Haa haa! What a sense of humour!Brilliant! I love everything in the house the skate boot and poinsettia are a lovely Christmas edition. The baby is really pretty. Gill x

  7. Todo precioso , las peonias de lujo y con un padre tan guapo, el nombre de Georgina estaria genial

  8. Unas miniaturas muy bonitas. El patín con las flores me ha encantado, también el papá del bebé, ja,ja. Un saludo, Eva

  9. Vielen Dank für den Schmunzler, den Du uns auf's Gesicht gezaubert hast... herrlich... und das mit der Georgina solltest Du doch noch mal überdenken *zwinker* Deine Weihnachtsdeko hat uns sehr gefallen!

    Liebe Grüße
    Flutterby und Birgit

  10. Haa ha, big laugh when I saw the father! So funny!
    Everything is beautiful, really like the wreath.

  11. Me gusta tu fotografia¡¡¡, se parece a mi marido, ejjeje
    Espero con los dedos cruzados tu sorteo.

  12. Der Weihnachtsdeko sind sehr hübsch.
    Die Blumen unvergleichlich schön. Und das Baby ist so süß, na bei dem Papa, kein Wunder ;)
    Er bezahlt hoffentlich pünktlich Alimente!?
    Grüße von Craftland

  13. So sweet little baby you´ve made!She looks really newborn and tiny.
    I suggest two french names for the girls: Caroline and Stéfanie!

    I am going to make the christmas gift for you that swap that Cockerina has arranged. Please send me an e-mail with your postadress.


  14. Hello! Thanks for your nice comments! The little baby is not made by, just bought from Soraya Merino quite some time ago. So we´ve got the names: the baby is Charlotte and the big sister´s name ist Caroline. With Catherine all their names are starting with "C". Thanks for your suggestioins!

  15. Your flowers are so great! I love the peonies! LOL....very funny about the father. Maybe one day he will change his mind and come for a visit. =)