Mittwoch, 30. April 2014

My April Post!

Very Nice Lady reminded me of my resolution to make one post each month and that there´s no post for march :-) I thought nobody would realize if I don´t mention it by myself, but ooookay, obviously I was wrong. 
There is no progress on my bunny-roombox (as my Dad still has to make the box), but there is little progress on the Florists roombox.

I found this foto of a shop interior in the www and it is the perfect background for behind the door window. You can hardly see it on the fotos, but it adds a lot of depth to the scene if you see it with your own eyes.

With Easter coming around I also finally had enough egg cartons here to finish the walls and pavement.

It´s not ready yet. I need to make tulips for the bucket, a downpipe, lamp, weeds,...
but it´s already nice to play around!

And here is my little helper. Pimpf had his 1st birthday two weeks ago. He is quite an independent guy but when I am making minis, he is always there! 

"A blanket a a blanket...even if you humans call it "tablecloth"! "

Have a wonderful start into May, wherever you are!


14 Kommentare:

  1. I really like seeing the"background" view through the window! It is the sort of touch that adds so much to the finished piece! And the tiny sparrows are So cute!

  2. This makes me wish I was a miniature toy so I could wander around inside! Beautiful!!

  3. Einfach eine wunderschöne Szene, die Du da wieder gezaubert hast!!
    Eine geniale Idee mit dem Blick in den Laden.

    Deinen Kater würde ich auch mal sehr gerne knuddeln - notfalls auch auf der Tischdecke.
    Liebe Minigrüße

  4. Hallo Sandra, it is good that Birgit did remind you of postin a blog, because the time is flying!! And because I don't want to miss this scene too ;)! I think that the picture you used in the shop is a lovely addition. And I agree that sometimes things are better to see with your own eyes, because at times you can't catch these (important) details with a photocamera ;)!
    The florist shop will become beautiful, no, it already IS beautiful. I love the plants/flowers and the small birdies you have made so far. All those signs are fantastic additions too, I can't wait to see more of this shop!
    It is good to see that Pimpf is doing fine :D!
    Liebe Grüsse, Ilona

  5. Me encanta!! más realismo es imposible!! Felicitaciones.

  6. Hello Samira,
    Terrific work. The egg carton worked out perfectly and the background scene is perfect. Terrific work.
    Big hug,

  7. The scene is amazing and your cat is adorable.

  8. *höhö* Da hat sich die leichte, dezente Stichelei doch gelohnt... sonst hätten wir alle diese wunderbaren Fortschritte noch nicht zu Sehen bekommen. Ganz, ganz toll was Du da zauberst - jedes Detail sitzt, macht einfach Spaß das anzuschauen.

    Liebe Grüße
    Flutterby und die "very nice Lady" (*buahaahaaaaa*), die sich schon riiiiiiiiiieeeeesig auf den Mai-Post freuen... *pfiffel*

  9. Your scene is wonderful. I love the tiny birds and all the many beautiful details. Your cat is beautiful and so funny :)
    Hugs Maria

  10. At First.. Happy birthday Pimpf ! ♥ You have a wonderful blanket. :)
    -What comes to your scene Sandra..Very beautiful!
    And the picture you found..perfect! ♥
    I wish you a lovely May!

  11. Super wie ordentlich und gleichmäßig du die Eierkartons zerstückelt hast... bei mir sieht das immer nicht so akurat aus *flöööt*
    Deine kleinen Vögel faszinieren mich total. Die sind ja sooo süß! Hast du die selbst gemacht? Sowas muss ich unbedingt auch mal probieren... aber ich fürchte für meine Wurstfinger ist das zu klein *seufz*
    Liebe Grüße

  12. Hello Sandra, nice post of April and Easter, at least you did yours... shame on me I did not post since February...I love your scenes and pictures which are so perfect. Nice cat ! the cat we are catsitting sometime she is the same if I am doing patchwork you can be sure she is coming..I am waiting for your new post and your progress. Good you are following your resolutions, your work is wonderful, doei claude

  13. hello, do you want to participate in my "international Christmas swap 2014" ?? come and see me on my blog, I'll wait !! kisses from Italy !!!