Sonntag, 5. April 2015

Happy Easter! - Frohe Ostern!

It was an exciting day for the little bunny. For the first time he was allowed to hide some Easter eggs and when the evening came, his mom put him in the bathtub. She read him from 
Alice in Wonderland, one of his favourite stories.

Soon he got SO tired and his mom dried him with soft towels to get him ready for bed.


Long time no see, but I hope you are all enjoying a happy Easter!

The last year kept my head busy with planning a new house, this time it is in real size :-)

The construction started only 4 weeks ago. As you can see, there is a good progress and we will be ready to move in summer. 
 I hope you don´t mind if I post a house-pic here every now and then?

I did not do a lot of minis during the last year but I decided to give my ballerina-dollhouse new inhabitants. It is a family of bunnies, who also adopted a little orphan hedgehog.

Isn´t he CUTE???? He was a Christmas gift from my wonderful husband and made by 
ooakbymiriamandchristel on ebay.

The childrens room got some accessoires and toys. Next room to work on is the bathroom.
The kitchen also needs new walls, but I like decorating it.