Mittwoch, 30. April 2014

My April Post!

Very Nice Lady reminded me of my resolution to make one post each month and that there´s no post for march :-) I thought nobody would realize if I don´t mention it by myself, but ooookay, obviously I was wrong. 
There is no progress on my bunny-roombox (as my Dad still has to make the box), but there is little progress on the Florists roombox.

I found this foto of a shop interior in the www and it is the perfect background for behind the door window. You can hardly see it on the fotos, but it adds a lot of depth to the scene if you see it with your own eyes.

With Easter coming around I also finally had enough egg cartons here to finish the walls and pavement.

It´s not ready yet. I need to make tulips for the bucket, a downpipe, lamp, weeds,...
but it´s already nice to play around!

And here is my little helper. Pimpf had his 1st birthday two weeks ago. He is quite an independent guy but when I am making minis, he is always there! 

"A blanket a a blanket...even if you humans call it "tablecloth"! "

Have a wonderful start into May, wherever you are!


Montag, 21. April 2014

Happy Easter!

Late as usual, but I hope you are all enjoying a
Very Happy Easter!

Hugs, Sandra

Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014

Adding UFOs

With February ending so soon I must hurry to show you my mini of the month!

I have a faible for leaving things unfinished (But I KNOW I´m not the only one :D ) So this month I added two new UFOs (UnFinishedObjects) to my "collection".
The first one was inspired by dear  Rena who is currently creating  a Tilda-corner in her gorgeous Patchwork Shop. 
I am mixing up things so my little shop inside an IKEA lantern is "Tilda & Co"

The floor is just a print from the net. The www was also very helpful for finding the prints for papers, fabrics, ect....

I made some Tilda ladys from fimo and dressed them with Tilda fabrics. But I must do some more.

The quilt on the backside wall was a gift from Gillian and I am happy that I finally have the right place for displaying it! 

Eh...and the patchwork draped over the bench is another piece of my ufo-collection :D

Talking about ufos...
Some of my mini flowers used to be in a printer´s tray. As my cats unfortunately seem to think ist funny (or yummy???) to bite the blossoms off I need a flower safe.

It is just a small shadow box  about 22 x 22x 14 cm. I have no more egg cartons left but this 
is how far I got. 

I wonder  what to do with the ceiling? Leave it as it is...or paint it skyblue???

And here Tadaaaaa!!! ...One  finished thing: following  Amber´s super-detailed tutorial I could make my luggage :-) The crocheted bunny is a purchase from Mireille . 

Long post but I hope I did not bore you!

Take care!
Hugs, Sandra

Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

Good resolutions


Did you have a good start in 2014? I hope so! 
I was such a lazy blogger last year, only six posts, so I decided to make a good resolution:
12 blogposts this year :D  One mini a month, that should be feasible.

So I started with something that looked easy to make. Strawberries for some beautiful bowls from Elisabeth Causeret. 

In the end I came up to the conclusion that strawberries are not easy enough for me and my bowls somehow looked boring. But I thought some birdies would look nice AND pull away
the attention from my strangeberries. 

Now I have three fimo sparrows. And it seems to me that the one who is on the table is just thinking hard "What a strange fruit. Should I dare to try?...Nah, better not!"

I wish you all a good start into the new week!