Dienstag, 3. September 2013

Shabby Chic Garden Shed


Some nice people keep reminding me to do a blog post so here it is :-)
Last year Kaisa organised an international Birthday swap and with a delay of 10 months I was finally able to send my last gift to dear Gillian who never lost a bad word about my delay. Thanks, Gill!!!

I made  her a shabby chic garden shed but it could probably also be used as a beach hut :-)

It is made of coasters and some coffee stirrers from a friendly fast food restaurant :D

I made some this and thats for the inside but there´s still free space for Gill to decorate with her own ideas.

The watering can is made of paper and a straw from a kid´s drink and painted with a coat of my daughter´s VERY pink nail polish :-)
For the rubber boots I used Monika´s tutorial (and some swear words!)

And another tutorial: the clematis is made with Annie´s tutorial.

Although my trust in mail service is not so high Gill told me that everything arrived safely in Spain :-)

And here - tadaaa! - are two fluffy reasons who are keeping me from blogging:

This is little Hermine (named after Harry Potter´s clever friend)...

...and his fluffiness Pimpf.
Before they came there were some more flowers on my window sills (gone forever!), but how could I be angry on them !!?

My son is going to have his first day in school next week and my husband and I are probably more excited than him! (Where did time go?) So life is changing a bit with doing homework with him and learning but nevertheless I hope to be a bit quicker with my next post.

Thanks to those how come by and leave a comment, of course I read them all and they mean a lot to me!

Hugs, Sandra