Montag, 9. April 2012

A wonderful gift....


How was your Easter? I hope you all had a great time!
Our Easter Sunday started with snow. A lot of snow...actually too much snow :-)
But as you can see on the picture above I did not need to search for gifts, mine came with the
mail :-) Karin made all these treasures above, just because I made a comment on her blog about the candy cool is that!!!?  I love the wonderful colors of the candy eggs, but look at the
ladybirds and the other Easter candys! I will always treasure these!

Karin, vielen, vielen Dank für diese wunderschönen Oster-Leckerlies!

Here you can see my wonderful Forget-me-nots covered in snow...but I like the colors nevertheless :-)

In the meanwhile I have some dollhouses here:
- the Ballerina´s house : unfinished
- Pippi´s Cottage: unfinished
- Miranda´s Magical Seedlings: unfinished
Some might say, it would make life easier to finish them before I start something new and
You are so right!!!!.....but then I saw something so cute on Daphne´s Blog ...
Time to start something new again!!!! 

So I´ll start a tree-stump-house :-) Of course I will also need a mouse to live in
this house and so I ordered some felting stuff and started to practise:

This is Spike, my first try. Not good but I love him nevertheless. The poor lilttle chicks cannot run away...they don´t have feet :-)
Felting is quite some fun and today I started my mouse:

I felted the legs and arms and then I used some foam for the body and another little piece of foam for the head. For the nose and the eyes I used fimo, which I painted and then I used the powder of my soft pastels to  "decorate" the face a little bit more. And here she is:

Jenny Mandelblüte
(Jenny Almondblossom - my daughter Jenny chose the name)

That´s all for thing is the treestump-house :-)
Have a wonderful week!

Hugs, Sandra