Mittwoch, 30. November 2011


Catherine and her two girls are spending some time with Pippi. The girls love Pippi and they are having a
whole lot of fun there. This morning they went to the market early and Pippi took the little girls to the playground while Catherine wanted to return home and get some sleep. She just started unpacking when
it knocked on the was GEORGE!!!
How can surely imagine how happy Catherine felt! And George even brought some gifts!.... The cutest little bear for baby Charlotte and and the lovely orchid she had admired so much
quite some time ago. (Did not buy the flower then as George refused to carry this home.) Catherine was
really touched that HE remembered...but then something went completely wrong...that was when Cat opened the last parcels...


Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

And the winners are......

Just a short post to announce the winners of my first giveaway.
I want to say "Thank you!" to all of you for visiting my blog, joining and
leaving so nice and encouraging comments! 
So, here we have Fortuna´s little helpers Tom and Jenny....
...this was also a very exciting moment for me!
Now, the winners are:
The peonies are going to FabShabbyRoses and
the kitchen set  is going to Spain to
Isabel! I really hope that you are going to like them!
Ladies, would you please email me your addresses?

Then, I would like to ask my followers #100 Synnove and
#150Doortje to also send me their addresses :-))

That´s all for today, my kids want to have dinner!
Hugs, Sandra

Samstag, 19. November 2011

WELCOME ....Drama on Place Pigalle!

Hello again!
So many new followers - WOW! Thanks for spending your time here!
If you haven´t done it so far, please join my giveaway until the 
As you can see I made some new flowers, this time with kits again
from Pascale Garnier: pink and white peonies and a poinsettia.
I really love how the peonies turned out and here are my first
Christmas decorations:
A little wreath for Pippi´s cottage....and No! The door doesn´t need
new color, that´s Shabby Chic, lol!
Here´s the glitter-decorated poinsettia with a skater.
But besides this ordinary things a little drama happened in
Catherine´s (yow! she finally has a name!) house::
She´s got another baby girl! Still nameless, but well: I will need
a little girl´s room with a cradle soon. Catherine has been hoping
that the baby´s daddy would decide to live with them. But he is not
the  family-type of a man and rather wanted to stay in Como...
So, she only could put a photograph next to baby´s bed. So sad.

I´ve been trying to make a little girl from fimo, but it´s always boys-heads that
are coming out :-( 
In the meanwhile: do you have suggestions for french first names for Catherine´s two
girls? (And "No! I do not think that "Georgina" sounds french!")

Have a good time!
Hugs, Sandra

Mittwoch, 2. November 2011

My Swap with Cora

It´s such a beautiful and shiny day, so I took the opportunity and used the good light for some mini pictures.
Recently I made a little "Eiffeltower-Swap" with Cora. Unfortunately she doesn´t have a website, we met in
our online mini forum. I made her some peonies in a basket, a pink lantern and gave her also such a little Eiffeltower like the one in my giveaway. And this is what I got in return :-)
A beautiful bucket with roses, a cute little picture with a checkered frame, a little pic from Eiffel-Tower,.... enamel sign for my Ballerina´s house...(finally I know where she´s living, lol!), and.....
THE CUTEST SHOES THAT YOU CAN IMAGINE!!! They are just georgous and look so perfect in this room.  Vielen, vielen Dank, Cora!!!
I played around with the furniture and this is how it looks now. The wardrobe should be also white but  it is so beautifully made that I don´t wanna spoil it .
We are having a christmas-swap in our online club and I was (and still am!) quite nervous about making the right little things. Can´t show you now but I´ve been playing around with Fimo also and this is my first
selfmade doll. His name is Pfefferminz ("Peppermint") and he´s one of Santa´s little helpers.

Okay, he still needs some clothes....and I´m in the need of a really good idea: can´t sew, crochet or knit. What a challenge, lol!
Greetings from sunny Germany!