Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

A little progress on the mouse house

Finally I can show you some progress on the mouse house!  Although the sun is shining a lot these days here in Germany, there is also a quite fresh wind and as Jenny Mandelblüte already got a bad cough I thought it was about time to go on with her home.

The walls will be a mixture of bricks and wallpapers. For the wood parts I have used some air drying clay which I painted after drying. That made things a lot easier for me as the walls are round. The sandstone brick compound is from Bromley Crafts. For the brick walls and the stone floor I used some self adhesive patterns I found on ebay.

Here you can see that it is not more than a beginning :-), no windows made yet, the upper floor is
completely naked, the exterior just be continued :-)))))

This is something I started for the exterior of my Ballerina´s house, it is a 
wild roses kit from Pascale Garnier:

I really love it! And I congratulated to myself to have bought a wild rose and not an English roses kit...the flowers are made so quickly:-))))

These are some real flowers from my garden:

Welcome to my new followers!

I am always thrilled when I find someone new or when someone took time to leave a comment!
Thanks so much!
Recently I have BIG problems with our computer so sometimes I ´m just happy to get online at all and don´t succeed in making comments. Hope that this will be better soon!

Bye for now,

Montag, 14. Mai 2012

Kaisa´s Birthday ....

Hi there!
I don´t like needleworks. Sewing, stitiching, crocheting...not my world, I even get aggressive when trying it !
So it´s better for me (and the ones who are with me) to buy these things :-)
This most wonderful little dress is knitted with something that looks for me like simple sewing thread (so I´ve been told it isn´t ) and is just adorable. It is made by Thea. (Click the name for the link). It will be displayes in the girl´s room in my Ballerina´s house. (One day...)

As I have been playing around with toys and children´s stuff at the time when I had to finish Kaisa´s Birthday gift I was in the mood to make some baby´s items for her. Kaisa´s birthday was last weekend so I now can show you what I made:

The baby is bought as my attempt was simply far too ugly :-) but I again did some mini needle felting for the bunny and the music-toy-moon. For the baby-carrier I just glued hat straw around a shampoo bottle cap and lined it with fabrics.

Again it was a whole lot of fun making these, thanks to Kaisa for organising this swap and I hope you had a
Wonderful Birthday!!!!

I have been honoured by Rosella with an award. Thank you Rosella for giving it to me!

The rules say that I must tell you five things about me (and of course I will not tell you the most interesting things, haha!)
Here we go: 
- I am LOUSY with realizing the dimensions of  my car. If you should see me unparking, you should better jump away quickly...
- something I remained since the months of my pregnancy with Jenny is my absolute dislike of the smell of canned fish. My wonderful husband who really enjoys canned fish only dares to eat it secretly when I am already asleep. But I still can smell it the next morning...
- I am big fan of the Harry Potter books and read all of them at least twice.
- I had to hold back tears when I first heard the poem "Steps" spoken by Hermann Hesse himself. Those words went straight into my heart.

Now, next thing would be to give this award to 15 other blogs. I could name more but I just have these
five for you. The blogs who make me want to do minis when I visit them:

And finally here is the link for Susi´s strawberry tutorial.

For the giveaway I will follow Norma´s advice and make something I enjoy. It will be similar to the swap gift for Drora so I will not show you before the end of june :-) So much time, yeah ! 

A wonderful week to all of you!

Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012

Still here.....

Time seems to be flying and it is hard for me to find time for minis at the moment. So, most of my mini-time is spent for the Birthday Swap and I cannot show you the pictures yet.
But of course I want to show you Patty´s Giveaway whose lucky winner I am :-)

Thanks so much Patrizia for this wonderful table, pitcher and flowers!

For the moment it has found its place in Pippi´s cottage but its final destination will probably be in the MouseHouse...which is still a very sad sight. I know.

Actually I have a lot of materials here like the wallpapers and the brick stencils to continue but that will have to wait for a while.
And this is one of the last things I did: radishes and strawberries. Susi from MiniEdenTienda made the tutorial for the strawberries, but I can´t find the link now, but I will make the link then next time.
For the radishes I used white thin thread which I stiched through clay with the needle to form the root. I used almost white clay which I colored with the powder of red chalks before baking. Then I just glued some different sized leaves on some wires and  glued them on top of the radish...that´s all :-)
I like the red and green very much ...(as I already told you, Claude :-))) )

I am aware of the fact that there are almot 250 followers now and I think it is time to think about a giveaway, too. Any suggestions, hm???
I hope to show you some progress on the MouseHouse next time!
Bye, Sandra