Dienstag, 30. August 2011

Welcome .... and a link :-)


First of all I want to say "Welcome!" to my new followers!  I should have done this much earlier as now it would take quite a while to mention you all separately together with your blogs. And what blogs you have!!! So now just a Thank-you!, you´re making me proud!

This now is the link I wanted to share:Joann is making a lot of projects and shares so much of her ideas. Recently there´s a potting table and she´s also sharing her printies and such.
Have a look!

And this is what I could finish the last days. (And I feel like a little hero about that, as for the Ranuncula I had to glue about 300 leaves!). The red ones are a kit from Pascale Garnier. The Bluebells and the Echeviera come from Georgie Steeds, like the peonies in my last post.
That´s all for today, have a fine week!

Sonntag, 21. August 2011

Miranda´s Magical Seedlings...

"Let the inspiration flow...", that´s what I did this week. I having a break from Pippi´s house and now I´m filling the "penthouse" of one of my other houses instead.
This is the home of Miranda, a witch who is found of making all kinds of charmed seedlings, like mandrakes, talking potato-heads and so on.
The peonies above are made from a kit from Georgie Steeds (The miniature garden center). I was not sure if I should show you as I got aware that she´s amongst my followers now. :-) These kits are quite easy and quick to assembly and I got better with every flower. So, this is why I´m not showing you the burgundy peony which I made first but this white one.
This is how Miranda´s working room looks now. I wanted very soft colours for it. The floor is not going to stay that way, I want a sandstone floor made like the brick fassade of Pippi´s house. Also, I want to make a brick stove with a little dragon sleeping in the ashes.
I made a whole lot of pumpkins, mushrooms, monster-bottles and plants with faces.
And you can see my first attempts with wickering. I´ll have to give you the link for the blog
where I found this tutorial!
The little needle felted owl is from Suskita(Suskita).  In her shop I also found the inspiration for this hungry geranium plant:
So, you see that I was having fun this week! The weather is finally fine and really HOT, my husband´s off from work and we´re enjoying making trips with the kids. This last picture was taken last week when we were visiting the zoo in Munich. I´m sharing it because my fullsize mini Jenny is having her 
3rd Birthday tomorrow. She´s a little devil, but I´m sooo proud!
Have a good week!!!

Dienstag, 9. August 2011


When I saw this bikini and beach bag set in Caterina´s blog it was "Love at first sight" to me. After my comment on it, Caterina kindly informed me that she was going to sell a copy in her etsy shop "Le Minis di Cockerina". Well,
now it´s mine" :))
I also ordered a "favourite" of my little daughter: Spaghetti:
Pasta, tomatoes and my free rag (what´s the word for this??), isn´t it a beautiful addition to Pippi´s kitchen?

My real life kept me quite busy the last weeks. Jenny got the hot iron on her foot about three weeks ago and Tom had to be operated last Wednesday.
So I was a lot of time spending at the kid´s doctors but now we can enjoy the rest of summer and the holidays.
Speaking about "summer"...again it´s raining cats and dogs and it´s already quite fresh in the nights, doesn´t "feel" like summer at all. So, that was probably my inspiration for making these...
Pumpkins...mushrooms and lanterns. Maybe I can use them for a little Halloween scene with The Very Shabby Eddy? Anyhow: I enjoyed making them as they are EASY =) and I really like the colours.
The little blackbird is from Georgina Marfels... Happy Halloween, harhar!