Sonntag, 16. September 2012

Shabby chic

Hello Bloggers!

Thank you for your encouraging words on my little mermaid! I still don´t know what to do with her, a beach scene would be so much fun to make but I guess it would be cool to have an underwater part with corals, too and a little beach hut and all of this without using a lot of space, haha. Brigitte from my online club already sent me some beautiful seeshells and corals which she had collected once in Thailand. So I guess I will collect beach things and ideas and maybe I will have the right day, lol!

In the meanwhile I am spending lots of time at pinterest and I got hooked by pictures from old windows displayed in gardens. Can´t have that in my real garden, but in mini :0)

It´s made of cardboard (the one kind you get for your glasses as coasters) and a plastic sheet from a film.
I also brushed some Tacky glue on it to further age it.

The little table is made from paper and wire and little mosaic tiles I have here for ages. 

The hydrangeas is another kit of Pascale Garniers faded hydrangeas. I love the faded colors!

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Hugs, Sandra

Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

Sweet dreams

Real life is keeping me busy and it seems hard to find time for blogging. 
I´m playing around with clay, trying this and that in the purpose to make my witch
Miranda. But it´s always other characters that come out of my clay!
So, when this one turned out to look like a little child I decided to go on and try to make
a little mermaid, inspired by one I saw on Yuri Munakata´s blog. 

Of course Yuri´s is soooo much better, but I like my little mermaid nevertheless :-)