Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012


What a day!!! Today, my little one really got me. It started this morning: Jenny´s newest "fun thing" 
is to lick the icy railing of our outside stairs, or the fench, or...whatever is frosted. Often enough I told her that one day she´s gonna to hang there with her tongue and won´t get away...yeah! This morning I wondered why Jenny remained silent back on the stairs..yes, she could not move as her tongue was frosted on the railing...panicking mum flying back into the house to get some warm towel to melt her away from that.
Why does she always have to learn it the hard way????
And this evening she spreaded her finger colors all the way from the chest through the dining room into her children´s room...my girl!
Well, here it is: my bunny-cat-teapot-and-meant-to-be-a-squirrel!
Lol, today I made another two of them, they got better but still look
solid like a rock and I don´t have the right color of flock. I plan to make a similar scene for my sister-in-law and I guess it´s better to buy a squirrel :-)
My scenery is almost finished (there could be some more ivy on the wall) and I hope that I don´t bore you with all these pics of acutally the same thing....

And this is the complete thing:

Hope you liked the little tour :-)

Next post you´ll read more about the dramatic accident of my witch Miranda with some polyjuice potion:

Hugs, Sandra


  1. Your scene is amazing i love it. The little squirrels are beautiful. Fantastic work.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Beautiful work. The scene is very nice.
    Bye Faby

  3. Von so schönen Bildern können wir gar nicht genug bekommen - und die Eichhörnchen sehen toll aus, scheinen halt amerikanische zu sein, da gibt's ja auch graue Eichhörnchen. Und kauf bloß keines für Dein nächstes Projekt, das wäre ja Sünde... Deine sind toll. Und auf den Hexereiunfall sind wir schon sehr gespannt - und ob sich das wieder heilen lässt. Denn daran wären unsere Hexenturmbewohner garantiert interessiert... ;O)

    Liebe Grüße
    Flutterby und Birgit

    1. Oh ja, Birgit! Ich muss dringend mal nachlesen, was Deinem Mini-Mitbewohner passiert ist. Auch ein Zauberei-Unfall?
      Das Eichhörnchen ist schon bestellt (schließlich mag ich meiner Schwägerin seeeehr :-) )

  4. Die Szene ist klasse. Es passt alles perfekt zusammen.
    Das Eichhörnchen ist goldig.
    Viele Grüße

  5. Hi Sandra,

    Your mini scene is beautiful! Love it! Everything looks so real! :)

    Pei Li

  6. Your mini scene is lovely!!Ah! I sorry very much the problem that your witch has had ...jajaja. Hugs

  7. Es una fantastica escena, se ve tan real!!!!
    besitos ascension

  8. Like stepping into a fairy-land. The world of miniatures is amazing. Great work! I love your blog!

  9. Really really nice I did not have yet the time to read all your previous post but I will do it. Your scene is amazing... the story of the tea bunny cat pot reminds me something similar with my boyfriend... LOL doei, claude

  10. Nice scene, great work.
    Your daughter is really testing things :), can be busy for you.

  11. Beautiful work! Love the little squirrels and the frog! :D

  12. Das is ja sehr schön, danke für das Kommentar auf meinem blog

  13. Beautiful scene you've made! Oh, poor Jenny, but now she knows it is better to listen to mummy next time. I wish you and your family a great start of a new week! Natalia

  14. Stupendo lavoro!!!
    grazie carissima Sandra! il tuo pacchetto di compleanno ...is arrived!!
    Lo aprirò il 15 febbraio e pubblicherò un post.
    Thank you very much!!!
    kisses from Rosella

    P.S. I don't forget your e-mail :(((

  15. Hi Sandra,
    Your work is so beautiful,I love absoloutely everything on your blog!!!Those little sqirrels are gorgeous and I adore the scene you have created.
    It sounds like your daughter is keeping you very busy :0)
    Vicky xxx

  16. I agree with everyone, I love your squirrels. The scene is lovely, very delicate and finely detailed, as is all your work. Sorry to hear of the frozen tongue, very funny! I read your message about witch potions and will see what I can do! Gill x

  17. You have a beautiful blog! Your scene is nice and it "feels" cold, like it is nowadays outside. Overhere in Holland it is polar-cold, freezing weather with -18 oC!! So your scene fits excellent at the weather ;) I can only see a squirrel and no cat or bunny, does it help ;)?
    I wish you and your family a nice sunday, if you're not too busy with your "testing everything" daughter?!

    1. Hi Ilona! The "testing-everything-daughter" is just busy testing my make-ups :-)...yes, and here in Bavaria it´s also so cold. Yesterday when I drove to work it was -21°C.It is so tricky, you look out of the window and the sun is shining ...you open the door...and step back.

      Have a wonderful Sunday, too!!!