Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

Gifts and Swaps...

Hello and a Happy New Year Everybody!!!

Last year I took part of Caterina´s International Christmas Swap and it was a whole lot of fun :-) I was the lucky one to receive a gift from Lena and on this first picture you can see how she spoilt me. Beautifully wrapped in pink paper there were a metal container (will plant some narcissus in), an oval wooden box with a snowman on it, a beautiful wreath, a round tin box where I´ll put cookies in and a collection of beautiful signs!
Thank you so much, Lena! Everything is beautifully made and looks so lovely in my houses!

And thank you so much Caterina for organizing this!!!

My partner to make a surprise for was Mali and this is what I made for her. Funny thing was that the
lingerie was wrapped in a little box and Mali only found out that this box was also filled when she saw the picture on Caterina´s blog :-)
And then I was also surprised by unexpected gifts....these also came in small packages...

Gillian sent me this beautiful collection of her perfectly made boxes. These are made with a very
beautiful paper that has some sparkles of glitter on it. I also enjoy a box with a hanky in it and
a bundle of romantic vintage postcards. This is something for my Ballerina!!!
Thank you Gill!

My other mini-gift came from Rena:
We are in the same online mini club and whatever question I have, Rena usually
has an answer for me :-) 
Her gifts instantly went in Pippi´s cottage and added a lot of Christmas atmosphere:
Lovely containers with pointettia and red berries and two tiles with a moose on it.
And I love the text on it: " peace, jog, love and CHOCOLATE"...
Vielen Dank Rena, die werden wie ein Schatz gehütet!

For this year my mini-plans are going on with Pippi´s garden...
...and I already made some lillys from Pascale.
Then I want to go on with Miranda´s Magical Seedlings and somehow I must get a witch!!!

And we also have a project running in our mini club. January´s theme is "Winter" and this is what I
made so far (the bird is bought from Georgia Marfels).
I also made a squirrel from clay. When I presented it to my wonderful husband he said:
"AH!!! What a nice bunny!"...(now he realised my expression).."eh..CAT!!?"...."TEAPOT?????????"
So I told him (both of us frustrated now) that it is supposed to be a squirrel and he added:
"Ah yes! I didn´t see as it´s quite DARK here!"
Jaaaa.....I will show you my Bunny-Cat-Teapot-Squirrel nevertheless, but I´ll take the picture in
sunlight. Artifical lights seem to make it even worser than it is :-)

Have a good time!


  1. Your lilies are just genuine!The pictures gave me very springlike feelings. Here in Finland blackbirds use to sing only in spring. Not yet in January. It is great pleasure for me to look at your lovely blog.

  2. Your gifts are all beautiful. I love your flowers.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Preciosos regalos, y las flores son muy bonitas!!!
    Besos de las Malu´s,

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  5. beautiful gifts you received! Gill is a girl very generous and kind to everyone, I love her!
    I'm sorry for your squirrel, I'm sure that it is beautiful, all the husbands do not understand anything .. ha ha!
    beautiful flowers!
    Thank you for participating in the swap Christmas! I'm glad you enjoyed!
    xxx Caterina

  6. Deine Winterszene ist fantastisch, und über die tollen Geschenke brauchen wir ja gar nicht erst reden... ;O) Und auf das Mutations-Eichhörnchen bin ich nun schon sehr gespannt... und sei nicht zu streng mit Deinem GöGa, er hat sich offensichtlich echt bemüht...

    Liebe Grüße

  7. Lovely gifts all around. I love the flowers you made and the winter project looks great so far.
    Enjoy your gifts.

  8. Very nice gifts.
    Beautiful flowers.
    Bye Faby

  9. Que fantasticos regalos, enhorabuena.
    Me encantan esas flores.
    besitos ascension

  10. Felicidades que regalos tan preciosos!!

  11. Mamma mia quanti regali!!! Sono bellissimi, complimenti!
    Un bacio

  12. Congratulation of your fine gifts. So many interesting items. I love Christmas roses. They looks so real. Hugs Kati

  13. You have some lovely miniatures, the lillies are fabulous! Your swaps are very special, I can see you had a lot of fun.
    Your husband sounds like - a husband! They just don't understand, do they? Gill x

  14. Was für tolle Geschenke. Und die Geschichte mit deinem Mann ist genau so, wie es sich auch bei mir zu Hause "meistens" zuträgt. Ich habe vor Lachen auf dem Boden gelegen. Ich bewundere dein Hase-Katze-Teekanne-Eichhörnchen, das hast du gut hinbekommen, habe ich sofort erkannt.
    Liebe Grüße Craftland

  15. All of your gifts are wonderful!!! I love the colors of Gill's boxes. =)