Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013

Sweet Dreams

Hello there!
Who would have thought that: the room is almost finished :-) But first, some of you made compliments for the wallpaper. It is "Rose Floral - cream (WAL 0894) and I bought it from artofmini.com. When you look through their wallpapers section, you will find this paper on page 10.
Sunday I had unexpectedly some time for my own and I used it for painting. I did a lot of drawings when I was in my teenage days but nothing of that kind within the last 20 years (pffffff...!!!) but then it was so much fun to paint the "art" for my mini-bedroom by myself! I guess, I will make some more :-)
It is above on the left side.

From a little distance it looks really good :-)))))
But that was not all. Ilona encouraged me to paint the floor white and I did it. I also glued the same wallpaper behind the open door and made a dish shelf for the wall, so that it´s not complete empty but leaves some room for the dollhouse people to move (but only if they are size 0).
For the ceiling I used strips of thin cardboard that I painted and then just some wooden strips from the craft store as timbers.

In the evening...

And at daylight:

Some more decoration is needed, but it is already quite cozy, isn´t it?  Maybe I should tell
my wonderful husband that this is the look I want for our bedroom ...haha!
Is the style of your dollhouse similar to your real home? That would be interesting to know!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Yes, Sandra, your bedroom looks very cozy and beautiful!♥ I would sleep there very well.
    - I don't yet have style in my dollhouse but it will be certainly different than in my real one.
    Sandra, doesn't your hubby like roses and laces, pink sheets and cozy cushions?
    I thought that ALL husbands in the world love them. ;D

    1. Well, Piikko...I guess, he could live with the cozy cushions :O)

  2. You really should pursue your painting. :-) This one is lovely. Hands are very difficult to draw and paint and you have done a great job doing them.

    The bedroom is such a wonderful cozy place. I love the wallpaper and that great ceiling. I always love to see a door that leads to a hallway or gives you a peek at another room. It adds so much interest.

  3. what a beautiful little painting! I love it! This room is really so cozy looking and there is so much detail- very beautiful! My real home is nothing like any of my dollhouses. My real home is a mixture of things that make me happy so it's kind of a jumble of styles :)

  4. Liebe Sandra, dein schlafzimmer ist sooo gemütlich un wunderschön geworden, es sieht aus wie in dem buch von Lea:)
    Mein göga wurde eine krise kriegen wenn er in ein schlafzimmer wie in Rose Cottage schlafen müßte, oder kochen in so eine kleine "süße" küche :)
    Dein kommentar hat mich richtig zum lachen gebracht "kannst Du nicht nochmal umstellen oder so, damit es mehr Fotos gibt? "
    Ich weis nicht wo du wohnst, aber du kannst gerne mal vorbei kommen und es dir anschauen :):)
    Noch einen schönen abend.

    Viele liebe grüße Mieke

    1. Hallo Mieke! Vielen Dank für die Einladung :-) Das würde ich mir liebend gerne in natura ansehen! Ich wohne in Bayern...bist Du weit weg?
      Liebe Grüsse!

    2. Liebe Sandra, ich wohne in NRW, ich hatte mir so gewünscht du wohnst nicht so weit weg, du bist naturlich trotsdem herzlich wilkommen, obwohl du a bayer bist hihihi :):)

      Liebe grüße Mieke

      PS Gestern habe ich ganz vergessen zu sagen wie toll ich dein gemälde finde !!!!!!

  5. WOW, that painting, Sandra!!!!!!!! Stunning, I really love it! Please, paint some more of these treasures, it is a master piece, I mean it seriously. Over here in Holland is still waiting a painting for you, do you remember ;)? Can I send it to you now or....?
    The bedroom looks like a beautiful dream. I think my husband doesn't care in what kind of bedroom he sleeps. Probably he would say: it is dark at night and I see anything then :D!!
    The floor has the right color now, I think? It was an advice, dear friend, you shouldn't do it immediately :D
    Do I see Hausschuhe on the floor, or am I wrong?
    The whole room is cosy, romantic and very beautiful, my compliments, Sandra.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  6. This bedroom is absolutely adorable!
    The wall panel, the ceiling, the wallpaper... everything is lovely and just perfect!!!

    Great work :-)

    Hugs, Lina

  7. Que fotos tan preciosas, un trabajo de decoración impresionante.

  8. What a Beautiful bedroom! And your painting is just Perfect for this room! Painting portraits is never easy and you have achieved a lovely delicate composition at this small scale!!! She is so sweet and Pretty.... now she must have a story....?
    My house is not decorated at all like my dollhouses.... too many broken old hand-me-downs... ! Oh, wait... that is what some of my dollhouse rooms are like...! LOL!

  9. Hello Sandra, you really take me by surprise; I didn't know you paint so well! The portret is very good. Yes, please make some more miniature paintings and show them to us. The room you made is lovely to look at. Hug, Liduina

  10. I have to compliment you on your painting, Sandra. Ilona is right, you must paint more. That painting should be hung facing the opening so that everyone can see it! It's gorgeous!

  11. It's so cozy, romantic and elegant, I love your bedroom. My-our bedroom in 1-1 resembles not at all what I have done in the 1-12 where I sleep every night is a little hotel-like cold. I wish no different, think of having to keep it clean in the beautiful and detailed rooms we do. So there would be no time for minis.
    Interesting to see the color difference between night and day. Very well done. Keep up the good job painting.


  12. Das Schlafzimmer ist wunderschön!!!!!
    Dein gemaltes Bild ist klasse geworden!
    Liebe Grüße

  13. c'est une chambre très romantique, chaleureuse, un écrin. Quel bonheur ce serait de dormir dans un tel endroit.
    Votre tableau est superbe, il faut continuer à peindre.

  14. Wow Sandra your painting is stunning. We all want to see more lots more :)))) I love your bedroom the ceiling is beautiful. Wonderful work.
    Hugs Maria

  15. Your painting is amazing and the bedroom is so romantic.
    Bye Faby

  16. Una habitación preciosa. Y me encnata tu pintura.

  17. Birgit musste ja breit grinsen von wegen als Teenager viel gemalt aber seit 20 Jahren nicht mehr... *höhö* Das könnte bei ihr auch stehen... ;O) Aber zur Sache: Es war ein toller Einfall, dass Du selbst zum Pinsel gegriffen hast, insbesondere für das beeindruckende Porträt, aber auch für den Fußboden, der nun viel besser zu dem ganzen Raum passt. All die wunderbaren Einfälle, die Du dort eingestreut hast, sei es die Decke, der Spickblick in den Nebenraum passen wunderbar zusammen und schaffen einen tollen Raum mit viel Atmosphäre. Und wenn Du so was auch in 1:1 haben möchtest, dannn sag' Deinem Mann, er soll die Augen zu machen... ;O)

    Liebe Grüße
    Flutterby und Birgit

  18. Fantastico dormitorio y muy romantico! la pintura es perfecta!!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  19. It is gorgeous Sandra and your paint is fabulous, you are such talented please continue! oh yes my bedroom is not what I have an idea of minis bedrooms specially with pink every where LOL maybe that's why we are doing minis, making in 1.12 what we cannot have in 1.1. I would like to have a real bedroom like yours, dream dream in an other life with an other man LOL bisous, claude

  20. Hallo Sandra,
    dein wieder renoviertes Zimmer ist erneut super geworden.
    Bin gespannt, ob es nun das letzte mal war !!!
    Die Koffer sind so toll geworden, solltest mal Details zeigen, denn die sind einfach nur wunderschön, wie auch die vielen anderen Teile z.B. auf der Kommode. Dann dein
    Bild wirkt auf mich sehr romantisch und du solltest unbedingt mehr malen !!
    Liebe Grüße

  21. Hola Sandra
    La pintura es increible y el dormitorio absolutamente maravilloso y muy romantico, enhorabuena por el fantastico trabajo.
    besitos ascension

  22. La habitación es espectacular, me ha encantado. Felicidades por el blog tienes cosas maravillosas. Ya tienes una seguidora nueva. Un abrazo

  23. Hello Sandra! Your bedroom looks so beautiful. The painting looks wonderful in the frame. A good idea to make the fake passage, it looks more realistic than rooms off rooms. Your work is always such a high standard. XX

  24. Hello Sandra,
    Everything is just gorgeous!
    Many hugs and kisses,

  25. Sandra,
    I had no idea your talents ran that deep!! Your portrait work is simply amazing.. and miniature to boot! What a talent you are... The room you have made looks life like.
    What can I say except exquisite work my friend!

    Thank you so much for your kind thoughts.. Connie will be tickled to see your comment.. Yes, you know I really like the red hair on Alice also..
    Enjoy your day and thanks so much.

  26. Hello Sandra! You do some incredibly lovely work and I agree that your painting skills are a real gift I love how you have worked the bedroom ceiling and also the little suggestion of a room beyond the bedroom. Very feminine and very pretty! Everything just right!


  27. Hello Sandra, wow I absolutely love this cosy room, you are an excellent stylist...your painting skills are great and I think you must paint a lot of more paintings to use in your house:))))

  28. I would like to be a guest in that room!!! It`s beautiful.
    And the painting, wow you have to start painting again.

  29. Good day Sandra,
    Thank you so much for coming over to sit on the front porch with me.. So happy you enjoyed my roses and Lilacs.
    I planted them about three years ago, so I think they are doing quite well. Don't you think? The scent when you open the front door is just wonderful.. Today it is a little cool for here, it is about 67.. Last week it was a sunny 78 all week..
    Wishing you a wonderful day.


  30. I just love your style, a insperasjon to my next project.
    Begins on a new house in the near future.
    What a beautiful painting :)

  31. Oh my, it's absolutely gorgeous. The panelling is amazing, love the wallpaper. I'm going to check out the website. You should be really proud of your mini art by the way, so special!

  32. Dear Sandra, I do not know how I missed this post and the previous one: the ballerina house is fantastic!
    The whole room is wonderful, very french, and your painting simply divine.
    I hope you read this comment, which also brings you one of my lovely hugs :-)
    I see that for a long time you did not update the blog and I hope everything goes well.

    1. Hi Flora! Thanks for leaving your comment and the hug :D I am very slow with blogging and mini making these days, kids keep getting ill one after the other (but thankfully nothing serious!) and real life and work keep me just busy :-) thanks for caring!

  33. Hola Sandra
    Me he perdido fantasticos trabajos, como este ultimo.
    Me encanta tu estilo y esa pintura es simplemente maravillosa!!!
    besitos ascension

  34. Hallo Sandra,

    mir gefällt Deine Zimmerdecke aus Karton super gut.
    Hast Du für den Fußboden auch Karton benutzt?
    Ich habe für mein franz. Haus einen fertigen
    Fußboden gekauft, der mir aber gar nicht gefällt.
    Jetzt bin ich am überlegen einen Kartonfußboden
    viele liebe Grüße

    1. Hallo Sonja! Der Fußboden ist ein ziemlich dunkler Holzboden, den ich nur überstrichen habe. In den anderen Zimmer will ich aber auch probieren, den Boden aus Karton zu machen - ich arbeite nicht so gerne mit Holz. Ich bin schon gespannt, wie Dein Kartonboden wird!
      Liebe Grüsse, Sandra