Dienstag, 3. September 2013

Shabby Chic Garden Shed


Some nice people keep reminding me to do a blog post so here it is :-)
Last year Kaisa organised an international Birthday swap and with a delay of 10 months I was finally able to send my last gift to dear Gillian who never lost a bad word about my delay. Thanks, Gill!!!

I made  her a shabby chic garden shed but it could probably also be used as a beach hut :-)

It is made of coasters and some coffee stirrers from a friendly fast food restaurant :D

I made some this and thats for the inside but there´s still free space for Gill to decorate with her own ideas.

The watering can is made of paper and a straw from a kid´s drink and painted with a coat of my daughter´s VERY pink nail polish :-)
For the rubber boots I used Monika´s tutorial (and some swear words!)

And another tutorial: the clematis is made with Annie´s tutorial.

Although my trust in mail service is not so high Gill told me that everything arrived safely in Spain :-)

And here - tadaaa! - are two fluffy reasons who are keeping me from blogging:

This is little Hermine (named after Harry Potter´s clever friend)...

...and his fluffiness Pimpf.
Before they came there were some more flowers on my window sills (gone forever!), but how could I be angry on them !!?

My son is going to have his first day in school next week and my husband and I are probably more excited than him! (Where did time go?) So life is changing a bit with doing homework with him and learning but nevertheless I hope to be a bit quicker with my next post.

Thanks to those how come by and leave a comment, of course I read them all and they mean a lot to me!

Hugs, Sandra


  1. Hi Sandra , i love your little garden shed , it is absolutely gorgeous.
    love from Frederica

  2. Hello Sandra! Your little garden shed is beautiful and the ' this and that's' that you made to go inside are All really lovely. I am totally smitten with your clematis and you have done such a good job with it! The entire composition is excellent and well worth waiting for!
    I know what you mean about the time going, now that you have a little one starting school. My 'little ones' are now both taller than me and the youngest is beginning a new semester at university! The days fly by faster and faster, it seems. Life is always changing.


  3. Das Garden shed ist sehr schön geworden : ) und total liebvoll im Detail : )

  4. Love the colours and the details (and the two kittens are just awesome, awwww! :D) Big hugs from Sweden! :)

  5. It was well worth the waiting for Gillian. You made her beautiful items. (I love the ones you made for me.)
    The fluffy reasons are adorable.
    Congratulations to your boy. Starting school is very exciting. I wish him good luck and many new friendships.
    Hugs, Drora

  6. Ah, there you are, Sandra!! Life is keeping you busy and your son is already going to school now, how exciting for him and for you too, of course ;)!
    This garden shed is a beauty, I love all the details you added into this shed. Gill must have been delighted to see what you sent her?!
    Those two kittens look adorable but they can be very naughty and they'll give you enough work to keep you from blogging, it is a pity for us ;)!
    Big hugs, Ilona

  7. Your garden shed is beautiful. I like everything.
    The kittens are adorable.

  8. Your garden shed is wonderful. I love all the little items. I am sure Gill was delighted with her gift. Awww your kittens are adorable. Good luck to your son starting school exciting time for him :)
    Hugs Maria

  9. Auf so ein schönes Teil wartet man doch gern auch ein bisschen länger - toll geworden. Und es war ja nun wirklich mal wieder allerhöchste Zeit, dass Du wieder mal postest... sonst ist Flubys Paten"kind" irgendwann schon auf der Uni und hier noch nicht mal zu sehen gewesen... *flööööt* Aber gut, bei den beiden neuen Familienmitgliedern gibt es vielleicht ja auch Wichtigeres als die Bloggerei... ;O)

    Liebe Grüße
    Der stolze Patenonkel und Birgit

  10. Your garden shed is wonderful. I love it, it is so beautiful with the flowers that wind around. Very nice pictures you show.

  11. Un trabajo encantador, precioso.
    Un abrazo.

  12. Sandra, I don't have much to say about the garden shed you made. :) I only say: LUCKY LUCKY GILLIAN!!!
    What a great great gift! ♥♥
    And your kitties, so adorable. Thanks for showing the photos of them. (I was waiting :)
    Good luck to your son for his school way. I am sure every thing goes well and you two will be just fine. :)
    (Says one who is soon letting her daughter to an other country for studies.)
    PS. Flowers on window sills? What that means?
    (Says one who has empty pots on her sills. :D )

    1. Hi Piikko!
      Say, you still have the pots??? Hermine and Pimpf kill them all: flowers and pots :-)

      Good luck to your daughter (and a big hug to you!)what an exciting experience to study in another country! Hugs!

  13. Wow! What amazing gifts for Gill! You are so talented, Samira--I'm impressed! Your two kittens are totally adorable--I'm not surprised that they're keeping you busy. :-) xo Jennifer

  14. Cette cabine de plage est ravissante!!

  15. Your little shed is absolutely wonderful, I would wait 10 years with a smile on my face for such a gift! I think Gill would love it!! The kittens are adorable.

  16. Deine Celmatis sind ein Traum. Die gefallen mir richtig gut...
    Ich für meinen Teil sehne das Ferienende schon ein bisschen herbei... da werden zumindest die Vormittage wieder DEUTLICH ruhiger *lach*
    Liebe Grüße

  17. Привет!
    Замечательная работа! И мне нравятся ваши два пушистые!:):):)

  18. Fantastico trabajo, se ve adorable!!!
    Me encanta.
    besitos ascension

  19. Hallo Sandra,
    das Gartenhaus ist super schön!! Und die Deko dazu ist ein Traum.
    Deine Fellnasen sind ja goldig!!
    Liebe Grüße

  20. Your little shed is totally charming. I don't know how I missed it earlier but I'm so glad that I found it now. Perhaps every tutorial should include a few swear words in the list of necessary items for successful completion ;)

    Thanks for your birthday wishes xx